Thursday, March 01, 2007

Ladies Night!

Oooooh It's ladies night...... and the feelings right..yes it's ladies night..Oh what a night!
We had a great time last night getting together. We started an AWESOME Andy Stanley study called Life Rules! I love dvd studies. Andy Stanley kind of reminds me of a modern day Mr. Rogers for Adults. He seems so Gentle. (That's an inside joke to you girls that were there last night) It's so wonderful to have a group of friends to hang with. I love my LADIES!! If you weren't there last night, don't worry, you can come next week and jump right in!
After the study, we watched American Idol. I missed my girl Lakisha, but I did get to see the recap. They sounded pretty good last night. I heard the guys did even better, but I can't comment because I missed them.
Oh well, back to Ladies night...oh what a night. THank you Brenda for hosting and teaching! You do such a great job! You make your home so comfortable!
Hope to see everybody next Wednesday! Have a great day today! Susan

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