Wednesday, March 07, 2007

More words..

Yesterday I had lunch with Janyce. We met at Panera Bread in Boardman. Just being in Panera Bread inspires me! I went there early and just sat and people watched and also spent time thinking and praying. I love people. When I watch people my heart can't help but to think..she needs Christ..Does he know how awesome Christ is? Man..I'd love to create a church where these people feel comfortable in..a Panera Bread Church..a CHurch where people can come in jeans and t-shirts and tennis shoes and worship God with a band that plays awesome contemporary music. I want to show these people that Not all Christians are closed minded hypocrites. Church doesn't have to be stuffy and arrogant and un-cool! Church should be the most creative place on the planet! CHurch should be FUN!!! Church should be the place that your family can't wait to go too... it should be filled with love and acceptance, It should be a place that inspires you I said about my conversations with should be a place that makes you a better you!!
SO I met with Janyce, and we had an excellent conversation. Her personality seems to be very similar to mine! She is a visionairy, like I am!! She had a notebook and a pen, and wrote down new ideas, and things that inspired her, as we spoke. Janyce created a new ministry called Teen Fusion. They gather youth groups together and bring Christian concerts to the tri-state area. She is a concert promoter and also works in marketing for the Freq 107. She is also someone I wanted to learn from. I admire her so much. She is intelligent, and creative, and she is definitely a leader! We are going to meet again next Tuesday. I can't wait!!
She is going to bring a guy that she thinks might be a good pastor for Cross Current! God is moving!!! We are back and on fire and have that burning passion and desire to bring a new kind of church to New Castle that rages on!!! I can't stand it...the fire is so huge inside of my soul!! I want people to see a different side of church. I want to change this community that I live in. I want to make it a better place! We can do that! If we change one heart at a time..we can cause a spiritual awakening! I want New Castle to be set afire with LOVE!! LOVE...LOVE...LOVE... IT's all about love : ) Jesus loves you. Me too.

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