Wednesday, March 14, 2007

It's Wednesday.. You know what that means!!

That's right.. IT'S LADIES NIGHT!! (Oh it's ladies night, and it feels so right, yes it's ladies night..Oh what a night!) Lovely lady...sophisticated mama...
Brenda, what's the topic for tonight? I've forgotten! It's always great to get together with my lady friends Wednesday night. We are doing an Andy Stanley DVD "Life Rules", and hanging out and havin' some fun!
I hope to see you Ladies there!! Tonight we will be forming a conga line while we pray! Oh it's ladies night... la la la la la...cha cha cha cha cha... yeah..

I had a fantastic meeting last night with four Incredible Christian leaders. Things are progressing with Cross Current Church, and God is building a team of visionary leaders to help bring our Church to life! Janyse, Adam, Damian and Lamont, thank you so much for spending your time last night, getting excited, and making suggestions and helping to bring Cross Current to our community. You guys Rock!! You are forever going to be a part of something INCREDIBLE! I am full of gratitude and awe.

I also met Cathy, an artist , and new friend in my life, that I believe God has had enter my life for a purpose. We got to sit and talk for about 45 minutes @ Steamers Coffee & Tea. Co.
AWESOME!! Cathy, you inspire me so much. You are a great mom! I love to hear you talk about your kids. Your love for them is so visible!
I am going to post once more, later today. Since this is my one year anniversary of blogging, I wanted to add something to this blog. I just finished reading the Bible through, a few months ago. I am ready to start again, from the beginning. This time, I think I will share it with you. I will copy a few passages and then add some graphics and/or video and some discussion about the passages. If it is hard for you to read the Bible, here's your opportunity to do it with me! We'll take it very slowly. I want to show you how WONDERFUL the Bible is and how True and Real it is! You will love it!! It is an amazing book. Take the journey with me. You will be so glad you did!! More later... : )

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