Saturday, March 10, 2007

Meet My Family!

This is Joe. He is my husband. He is the love of my life! Joe is a wonderful, incredible husband! Joe doesn't think he is wonderful. Joe doesn't think he is incredible. Joe is very insecure. He doesn't love himself enough. Joe sees a councelor every two weeks to try to help him to love himself more. Joe's councelor is named Bev. Bev knows Joe is wonderful and Incredible. Bev told Joe to hang up some post it notes around the house that remind him how wonderful and incredible he is! Joe felt embarrassed. He was embarrassed to hang post it notes around the house to remind himself how wonderful and incredible he was. But he wants to love himself more, so he hung up post it notes above his dresser.
I wanted Joe to know that We like who he is too. So after a few days I added another post it note to his collection:
We do like who Joe is. The next day, before school, Lauren decided to add a post it note of her own to Joe's growing collection. So she wrote this and hung it up next to my words of love.
That afternoon, Ally saw that she was the only Hougelman that didn't contribute to Joe's words of affirmation collection,not wanting to be left out, she designed one of her own and hung it up as well.

p.s. I had his permission to share this post :) Joe is cool!

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