Thursday, March 08, 2007

What do I have in common with Sharon Stone?

EDINBORO, Pa. (AP) — Actress Sharon Stone is best know for her roles as a sexpot in movies like Basic Instinct and Casino.
But when Stone, a Meadville native, came back to Edinboro University to speak at an honors banquet Wednesday, she didn't talk about her steamy roles on the silver screen — she talked about serving others.

"Life is a service job," Stone said during her 15-minute keynote address at the eighth annual Frank F. Pogue Honors Scholarship luncheon. "You've got to figure out how you serve people the best and do it."

Stone majored in creative writing and fine arts at Edinboro in the 1970s and attended on a writing scholarship, but she left school before graduating to pursue a modeling career
Susan Hougelman, not best known for her roles as a sexpot, also attended Edinboro University in the eighties.


Mark Eberly said...

I received an official invitation but I declined to respond and purchase the ticket. Maybe her steamy roles are her way of serving the "needs" of others.

Susan said...

"Life is a service job," Stone said "You've got to figure how you serve people the best and do it."

I would love to send that to her!! hahaah So funny!