Wednesday, March 07, 2007

words..words..words..I'm full of them today!

Kim came over and we worked on her profile for eharmony. Kim's lookin for Love! Kim is a beautiful woman with an incredibly wonderful personality. She is like sunshine. Her smile lights up a room. SHe is my best friend. Wait a minute..I've got to take a time out here...Am I blessed or what? Today, I am writing about three women that God has put in my life, that all have inspired me to be a better person. Two of them are new buds..just being planted..the beginnings of relationships..friendships..mentors or maybe even working relationships, but they are new.. and I am hoping that they will be nurtured so that they can grow..but Kim and I, our friendship has grown and blossomed and is definitely in full bloom. I've known Kim since 7th grade.. Kim, that is about 27 years!!!!!! WOAH!! THat's a long time.. And I haven't even mentioned Karen and Brenda, two of my other best friends/spiritual mentors/soul sisters... they are an important part of my life too!
SO Kim came over and she used my computer to register in eharmony. Pray that Kim finds a soul mate. She has a very happy fulfilling life. She has a great family and lots of friends, and she loves Jesus and has a heart for him, but she'd like to have someone to share all that extra love with. Kim is trusting in God though, and she knows that if it's in His Will to have her be single the rest of her life, then that's what's best for her! We don't always understa nd God's will for our lives, but it's great to trust and have faith in Him!! BUt it would be fun to see Kim in love!!!!
We watched American Idol and also House. House was awesome last night...because Dave Matthews was a guest on the show!! WOOT WOOT Even though he played a man with only half of his brain working, it was still fun to see him act. JOe said it was embarrassing. hehehehe I agreed. I was a little bit embarrassed. Dave doesn't have the best personality (from what I've seen in interviews), but that man can sing and play guitar and write lyrics that make my heart do flip flops!!'s a clip from the show. What do you think? hehehehe (nervous laugh)

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Joe Hougelman said...

However Dave was AWESOME in the scene where they were removing the right hemispere of his brain.