Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Wow.. I have so much to share with you today. There are so many thoughts and ideas floating around in my head, like little champagne bubbles, and If I don't release them, my cork is going to pop!!
First off let me say that I owe quite a few emails to people..please forgive me for not writing back yet..I will...TODAY..hopefully! : ) I haven't not responded on purpose, I just haven't had enough quiet time these past few days to respond.
Check your email boxes this evening!
Secondly, I want to share with you some words that transpired between this incredible artist that God has brought into my life. Her name is Cathy, and she is the artist who painted the Underground (Check out the pictures in an earlier blog post..she really is incredible!!)
While she was painting the Underground, my dad was dying, so I didn't get to spend too much time with her at the Underground. Last week, at the Underground's grand opening, I saw her again, and ..well do you ever just feel that immediate "click" with someone? I felt that... Like God is throwing this person in my life for a reason.. we need to talk! She is coming to Ladies night (Oh it's Ladies night..and I feel alright..Oh it's ladies night...Oh what a night!!) So I can't wait to talk to her some more!
Oh she's not just a painter/sculptor/art kind of artist..she teaches Creative Writing at Butler Community College too!! So she's very creative!! I love creative people!! I need more creative people in my life!
So anyway.. After seeing Cathy at the Underground, I wanted to email her and thank her again for the wonderful job she did (oh by the way...she did it all for free!!!)
I also wanted to ask her something that I've been wondering in my mind for a long time. Most of the people in my life, are different then me. I can't explain why or how..but it seems like I just see things and think differently then most people I know. After puzzling over this for a long time, I came up with the conclusion that artists function in a different plane or on a different wave length, or a different realm, then other people. We see things differently. We feel things differently. I think our senses are a lot stronger then non-creative people. My kids always make fun of me because I say things like.. "ooooh that smells sooooo goood" or "oooh look at that's's so beautiful" I do that alot.
So I asked Cathy, if she agreed (Cathy's the first real Artist that I've ever felt comfortable asking that question too) I don't know any other artists!! SO, I want to post Cathy's reply..I don't think she'd mind. I read her response over and over again... I wanted to study learn from roll it around in my mind and own it... This was my question to her:Do you think artists experience life in an entirely different way than most people? You see...I'm a creative person..I like to write and read poetry..I love music..and art.. I'm not a very talented person, but I really love the arts.. It just seems like I feel deeper than ordinary people...Do you think that about yourself? Do you think that is true with all is what causes them to be able to tell such incredible stories, or sing songs that make you weep, or sculpt or paint such a beautiful work of art? Most of the people in my life are left-brained, or is it right-brained..(the people that are analytical, factual, organized, etc..) , so now that I've met someone that is artistic, I can ask that question!! : ) S

And this was her answer: You are not imagining the seeing and feeling differently. Sometimes I feel so out of sorts with most people, like I am not on the same plane of reasoning. You can push those feeling way back inside of yourself so you act like everyone else, or you can begin to think differently and begin to come up with ideas that are not the norm. The huge problem is that because you are not dealing with other creatives most of the time, and most people don't seem to relate to your creativity-until such a time when your creativity catches up with the masses. (creatives are always ahead of their time). When it does catch up with the masses, then they "get it." But by then, you are already on to the next thing. You are being true to your authentic self, and that is why you are out of sorts with others. Too many people are being what they "think" they should be, or what others' "think" they should be-even what they think their religion says they should be. You can be creative and still be true to your friends, family and religion. I like who I am, and I am very comfortable with my creativity. As you practice you own creativity and set your boundaries to create, you begin to use the word "no"-sometimes a lot. This does get easier with time, and most of the time, after people get over the initial shock, they begin to accept your terms. That is when the fun begins. You probably function in your right brain more, which sees things more intuitively, spatially, and wholistic. Right brained people are not interested in logic totally, (although there are some functions in life that are best addressed by the left brain and you probably use that left function). Right brained people look at the "relationships" of things, how things are connected, and are more in touch with how they feel.

I Think those words are profound. We wrote back and forth and her other emails were filled with insight and inspiration and so much more.. Have you ever met someone that has changed your life? I mean..really changed your life..inspired you to do better? I think Cathy might be one of those people for me.. I want to talk to her more..I want to learn from her. We can all learn from each other if we open up and aren't afraid to be real.. many of us hide behind masks and are afraid to let the real person that's inside of us come out. Because we are afraid to be vulnerable. We don't want to get rejected. We are afraid that others won't like the "real" we often pretend to be someone who's got it all together, but in reality, none of us do. None of us. We all mess up together.
Much more to come..I've got lots of words today!!!!!!!
Love you, Susan

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