Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Prophet Jose'

WOW!! THe most amazing thing just happened to me!!!!!!! First off, Kim and I had lunch today at the Tuscany Grill. WONDERFUL MEAL!! First time I've ever eaten there, and I highly recommend it. Great ambiance, great service, great food!
Afterwards I went to Ollie's to look for some books to give as Easter gifts to friends and family, and I saw Pastor Tim Klein (pastor of Solid Rock Ministries). I've felt that GOd has wanted me to get together with Tim, and help him with his ministry and also share my testimony with him.
I went to Tim's church two Sunday's ago, and met with Tim afterwards and told him that I wanted to get together with him and talk.. The week after, he was going out of town to a conference, but said that we could get together the next week. (which would be this week!)
Tim had a man with him, who he introduced as Jose' something.. (sorry, I should remember). We shook hands and Jose said, "Susan, can I pray with you?" I said, "sure!" So I bowed my head, and he said, "Look up..look at me" So I did, and he said this to me...(I will quote it the best I can remember)"Susan, you have a huge heart for God, you have a heart that gives and gives and gives, but you get so little in return. Your heart aches because you get so little. You wonder why God hasn't poured blessings onto you..why God hasn't rewarded you for all that you give. Sister, God wants you to know that those blessings are right around the corner. They are coming. God is going to pour them out onto you. Many, many blessings." Then he said, "you are going to be surrounded by babies and young people. You are going to be surrounded by them. You are going to help them, to nurture them. Many of them." Then he finished and looked away then back at me. He said, "When I say babies and young people, I don't think it means young "age wise" not real babies and young people..I think it means babies and young people spiritually..new Christ followers..baby Christians." WOAH!!!!!!!!!!!
People...I don't understand prophesy...I don't understand speaking in tongues...but I don't deny it. The Bible says people have those gifts. I know that God has given me the gift of vision..being able to see things that others can't, and my former pastor also told me I have the gift of prophecy, because I can see truth. But I really had never been prophesized over... wow...I am still just amazed. He was dead on... I'm telling you he saw inside of my heart. God saw inside of my heart and spoke through this man to tell me.... Oh God, you are amazing!! you are everything to me!!!! Lord, I thank you so much for those words...to keep hanging on..keep going...don't give up!! That's what You told me!! Thank you Jesus!!! WOw.....wow...
Please, if you read this, please pray for me. Pray that God gives me that strength to keep going. With His AMAZING and NEVERENDING love, Susan

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KJ said...

Jose Santiago...Yep...it's a WOW! God is awesome and amazing...He continues to bless us beyond our expectations. I'll be praying as God moves you forward