Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Oh yes it's Ladies Night...

Oh yes... It's WEDNESDAY..and you know what that means!! IT's LADIES NIGHT!!This video represents the kind of fun we have at Ladies night.. We love to have fun!! Especially Brenda..she's WILD!!! ( we're no *kittens* and we don't have men wearing leather at our ladies night outings...but we do have fun!!( It's ladies night..and I feel's ladies night..Oh what a night!) It Begins at 6:3o pm at Brenda's house. We are going to talk about Forgiveness tonight. that a perfect subject for me, for this week. It's not easy to forgive, but as I found out, it's what Jesus wants us to matter what. I tried to make excuses up, I tried to rationalize it.. but.... nope.. We're supposed to forgive, even if people continually hurt us!! Come find out how that's possible with Christ!
IF you haven't come yet to ladies night...COME.. We have so much fun!!!!!
Hope to see you there. 6:30 pm Brenda's house.

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Joe Hougelman said...

Sue (Kool) and the gang?