Sunday, March 18, 2007

Solid Rock

Today, We went with Karen to Solid Rock Ministries to worship! Wow! Tim Klein, the pastor of Solid Rock, has a vision to reach the street people of New Castle. He has turned his church into a REFUGE for those who want to come and get help and healing! I could feel the spirit in that house this morning. I believe God has led me to Tim and Solid Rock for a purpose. I don't know if it's for him to help us, or us to help him, but I know that God has a plan! I'm meeting with Tim Wednesday to give him some info on Cross Current and also hear more about his story with Solid Rock! I believe wholeheartedly that every single church should be working together for THE CAUSE!
Tim said that his church is the opposite of most churches in our area. Most churches have youth leaders and a good youth program, and try so hard to reach unsaved youth in the community. At Solid Rock, they get between 100-200 unsaved kids that come to their church on a Friday or Saturday night, but not enough Christian leaders to help minister to these kids. Once again, I will say, WHERE ARE OUR WARRIORS??
Tim needs help! These kids are coming, but they need Christian men and women to help lead them to Christ! Our Christians only concerned about what's happening in their own church? Are they only ministering to each other? It's so wrong!! Tim said that most Christians won't come to his church. It's located at the "wrong" side of town..It's not pretty and's not comfortable! It's out of a lot of Christian's comfort zone. Please Pray for the ministry of Solid Rock! Please pray for God to guide your heart to some way help! Follow Christ! March ON!!!!

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