Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Happy first day of spring!

Spring makes me feel bouncy : ) (As if I wasn't bouncy enough!) I love to wake up with the sunrise and hear the birds chirping. I love when my house is peacefully quiet. It's just me and our Lord sharing some convo together. Unfortunately..this morning was anything but bouncy or peaceful! MY ALARM DIDN'T GO OFF!!!! I woke up at 7:30 (normally I get up at 6:30! The kids are supposed to be at school by 7:40! So Ally woke up unhappy because she was late ..rushing around, Lauren woke up slowly (nothing unusual), the shower turned cold, so she decided to sit and wait for it to warm up. She started getting dressed and popped a button on her pants. She couldn't find others to wear, so I had to sew a button back on ..(Have you ever try to do this in a hurry??), Joe started yelling at everyone because he felt we weren't rushing enough...and then Lauren couldn't find gym clothes (she's supposed to prepare everything the night before! *sigh* It wasn't a good morning. : ( I don't like sending my kids off to school unorganized and in a negative mood and atmosphere...It makes me feel bad all day, and I know it affects them as well. Hopefully the day will get better! Hey it's the first day of spring! Spring is a time for new beginnings.. I think I'll go back to bed and start all over again!
Have a great day today! Happy Spring!

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