Friday, March 16, 2007

Yippee Skippee Day!

Oh I know it's so rollyoureyesable (I made that word up..roll your eh?) At our house we call Friday's Yippee Skipee Days! The girls wake up and say..yeahhh, it's yippee skippee day!! Today they got to wear Green to school. Normally they wear red or white or black *school uniforms*,but they were so excited to wear something different.
It's Friday! Today is going to be an especially great day today! I have three appointments with three different friends. Karen and I are meeting this morning to go and join the chamber of commerce here in our town. Since we will be bringing a new church to our community, we need to introduce ourselves to the business leaders of our community. Next, Cathy and I are having lunch at my favorite restaurant in Volant, Pa, the Neshannock Creek Inn. & Brenda and I are meeting for coffee this afternoon at Steamers Coffee & Tea. co. (my favorite meeting place!) As I have written before, I have been blessed with wonderful women friends and mentors in my life, whom I love deeply!
Joe and I had a fun day yesterday. We didn't find anything of value at the McDonalds auction, but we enjoyed the time together. I spent the rest of the afternoon doing laundry. I hate laundry. What's your most hated chore? Mine's laundry. It's better than it used to be though, because the girls now put their clothes away by themselves. They should really learn how to do the whole launcry thing! They are old enough now.. hmmmm..what a great idea!! I hope you have a great Yippee Skippee Day!! Laugh a lot! Susan

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