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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Lord Please Forgive Us.

Thank you to these folks that stood up to this abomination. Would you? Will you? It's going on all around us. I tried to find commentary about this video..I went on about 20 blogs..19 of them spoke out against the "Christian extremists" and not the fact that our Senate prayed to a God, other than our GOD. Hindu's don't worship the same God we do. Please forgive us Lord.

Marting Luther King..was he a modern day Moses?

This picture reminds me of Moses leading his people towards the promised land.
I love mornings. I love waking up before anybody else. The sun is pouring through my window. The only noise I hear, is the noise of birds chatting to each other. What do you think they talk about? "HEY Robin, found a big fat worm over here." "Thank you Jay, everyone else is in this yard, so I'm staying here. You know what they say about birds of a feather..." Bird Talk
We were very busy at work yesterday. God is blessing our Business. Thank you Lord. You are such a loving Provider to us.
Karen called yesterday and left a message on my phone. JOy is doing much better! Yeah Joy!! THey might be home now!!
We visited Joe's dad in the hospital last night. He's breathing better, but he's not going to get any better. His breathing will just get worse.
God sent us an "angel" last night to comfort us and talk to us. I am welling up, just thinking about it. Jesus, you know us so well. You know what we need. ONce again Jesus, thank you so much for being a loving provider to us. We KNOW that angel was sent by you.
She was one of the nurses taking care of Joe's Dad. Joe's dad is a very ornary man. He curses a lot. And he gets mad at people... you just have to know him.
But this nurse came into his room last night, and he started cursing about his oxygen tube, and she didn't let him "bite her". She "bit him" right back. She threw it right back at him. He LOVES that!! He likes to argue. He likes someone that will stand up to him and she did. She didnt let him get to her.
So anyway..I followed her out in the hall last night. I told her our situation. She had been in the same situation as us with her dad. He was an ornary old man, who was very ill. She was his only care taker. She had a family, and children.
He made bad decisions and she was the one that had to pay for it.
She told us not to ever feel guilty. THat Joe's dad is of sound mind, and he's making these choices himself, so he'll pay the consequences for them. There's nothing we can do about that. He doesn't want to go into a nursing home, or assisted living place..that's his decision. She also told us to call Social services and talk to them about the situation. She told us many other things to help
We have been trying to get someone to give us guide us..we've never been in this situation before, and Thank you Lord, we finally found a wonderful nurse to help us, with the name of Kristen.
After visiting JOe's dad, we stopped at Panera Bread in Hermitage. (You know I'm smiling..I LOVE Panera bread!!) The girls got soup and salad, JOe got a veggie sandwich and I got my usual Roast Beef on Asiago bread and broccoli cheese soup.
We were able to wind down a little bit..
GOt home after 11 and read some more of Holy Discontent. I'm still feeling "fired up" I still am thinking about Martin Luther King.
After today, I will have three days off of work. I always have a lot of catching up to do, on my days off, but one thing I want to do, is make a list of things I want to do to start serving God more. I'm going to finally sign up for world vision or compassion child..etc. I want to sponsor a child. I can't help All of the starving children, but darn it, I want my Lord to know that I'm going to try. I'm going to feed the poor..I'm going to help the orpans. I want to do more!!!!!!
Tommorow, I'm going to blog about a passage of Holy discontent! It's amazing.
God is Amazing. We are such selfish people. When you really think about it....the things we think about..stress about..all so un important. God is in control. We don't have to worry about our needs, God's promised to provide for them. We need to worry less about us and more about other people.
Gotta get ready for work. I have so much more to talk about. Please keep me in your prayers. God is doing something in my heart. I've felt this before..and I feel it coming again. God is preparing me for something.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Okay..just one more thing..

Gotta blog about the Neshannock Creek Inn. Realized that when people Google us, I can send them to my blog and share with them what a wonderful restaurant we are!!!!! goodnight..or good day...or ...heh

Thursday, July 12, 2007

A day in my life..thoughts..and Martin Luther King.

I want to open a purse and accessory store and call it the funky monkey. I want to paint it bright colors with a purple monkey as the brand. The Funky Monkey Fashion House. Get Funked @ the Funky monkey! Get Pierced at the Funky Monkey!! Yeahhhhh
I hope Joy is feeling better today. I hope Karen had safe travels to Pitt.
I hope Amy's mother in law is feeling better today.
I only have a half hour to read my Bible, check the news online and read the blogs in my RSS feeder, before I have to get ready for work.
I'm training a new busperson/waitress today.
I wish I could be a part of New Spring Church
Perry Noble Rocks
___________ (A blog I read) is full of himself. I hate arrogance.
______________ is a worship leader from California who is asking people that read his blog to donate money for his new tattoo. He's going to be on the new show LA Ink, but he has to pay for the tattoo they're doing. People are ticked off...they think that's gross. I do too. It puts a bad taste in my mouth. Others are donating ... crazy world.
Oh Crap..I'm late for work. Now I have to hurry.
Oh Crap..Joe just called me and asked me to bring Milk to work..will make me more late.
The restaurant is nice and clean. Patty is doing a great job closing on Wednesday nights.
I think the Funky Monkey would generate great profits. IT's definitely something I could franchise.
I finished reading the Purple Cow. I learned A LOT from that little book.
I also finished reading Millionaire next door, last night. I learned that most people you think are rich (People who drive nice cars and live in nice houses)..are the ones' that aren't rich..they are living above their means. They are in debt up to their eyeballs...trying to look rich. The rich people, live below their means and have their money invested in mutual funds, stocks, Ira's etc.. Interesting
I'm pretty sure that God is guiding me to open my own business.(besides the restaurant) Yup, I can still do that and help plant a church.
It's 11:00 am, time to open up.
Met people from Punxatawny. They loved the bacon swiss chicken salad. They got my email address. They're going to send me the name of a supplier of great products that we could sell in our restaurant. We're thinking of adding some shelves and sell some quality items..similar to what Bob Evans and Cracker Barrel do. We can put our private labels on the products and sell them as Volant products. Sweet. I can't wait to get their email.
Met two people from Florida. Loved the fried pickles. Makes me think again that they would make a great product to sell at a fair or the fireworks festival..etc..
I wish we took the initiative to do more..
Okay getting next thoughts are all waitress/restaurant related.
Joe gets a phone call..his dad has to be rushed to the hospital. He can't breathe.
Oh no..Lord, Please take care of Glenn and give Joe comfort and Peace in dealing with this situation.. pray..pray.. worry...pray... time,.
Hard to eat..too concerned.
Trained Leanna, she's going to be great
Rachel is incredible. She waited on people that ate on the patio. That patio has been a great addition to the restaurant. Business has definitely increased.
work...everyone goes home, but me.
Since JOe left, I have to stay all day until 8 pm. That's 9 1/2 hours on my feet.
Joe calls..his dad is okay now...getting better..breathing easier.
Lord, I SO know that you are in charge. Perhaps you are providing a solution to this burden that my husband carries. Please Lord, work it all out.
Dinner time.. are we going to have any customers for Dinner?
6 people!! Yeah. I love these people..they're steady customers! Three couples all celebrating their 52nd wedding anniversaries at our place. They've been friends since childhood. That is awesome! God bless you all!
4 more people! Wooop!!!
2 more!!! YESSSS That makes it a successful dinner! It's still we have to build up a clientele! We must get the word out! Joe made chicken and biscuits for a special this weekend. Looks good!
Wrote in my journal..drew pictures of the Funky Monkey..wrote down ideas of how to make more money at our restaurant... praying for Jamie and Kris and the kids..praying for Freedom. Praying for Damian today...feel the need to pray for him lately...Pray for discernment.
Praying for Brenda and Scott. Thanking the Lord for them. Brenda has been a faithful friend. THey are such good people. Will make great small group leaders, if God leads them in that direction! Praying for their family..for wisdom..for obedience to God..for understanding..
Praying for my mom..praying for Al..praying for Pam..
I hope Pam comes to church with us. God wants her and her children. I saw her son read a tract and hide it in his pocket one day. I wish I could talk to him about CHrist, but I'm afraid it will anger Pam. She's very open though..she listens to me when I evangelize...She's cool...
cleaning back hurts...
calling kids...missing Joe..missing kids..I hate being away from them so long...I love my girls!!!
Time to close.
I'm so tired.
Come JOe..he's coming home soon
bring kids dinner
eat dinner
Go Mark Batterson. Wonderful Pastor.
Watch video on Him baptizing people in the bay...
*pause* Cry. Being baptized was an incredible experience. I love seeing people be baptized. You can see the joy in their faces and on the faces of those baptizing them. I want to baptize people. I really want to baptize friends, and family and anyone that wants to be baptized. "Do you accept Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior? Do you want him to forgive you for your sins? Do you want to publicly claim Him as your Savior? YES??? THEN I BAPTIZE YOU IN THE NAME OF THE FATHER AND THE SON AND THE HOLY Spirit! Dunk! OHHHH, Please GOd let me do this someday. Let me see my family members come to know you..Let me see this community be baptized and livin' for you!!!
*cry* So much emotion.
Have to write an email to Amanda at the Kitchen Shoppe, to change our Neshannock Creek Inn description on the Volant Village Website. Write the description. send it out..
It's 11:30 pm.. I just started reading "Holy Discontent" Billy Hybels newest book.
Something clicked inside me. A trigger. He mentioned Martin Luther King having Holy Discontent with the way Negroes were being treated. He did something about it.
Oh my goodness, my heart is welling up right now..what is God showing me? What is He doing? Martin Luther King? I never cared before..I mean I knew how cool he was..but I never honestly really wanted to get to know him.. WOAH! Do you realize what that man did? What he stood for? What he stood up for? Do you know he was only 39 when he was killed? He changed the world! One person. One pastor! He had Holy Discontent and He did something about it!! What is your HOly Discontent? Is there something unjust, something unfair that is making you sick? Do something about it!!!!
Don't just stand there!!! GO!! DO!! BE!!! Please...
I wrote this my journal tonight.
GOd said feed the poor. Are you? WOrk at the food pantry. One or two hours, one Saturday a month. Or sign up to support a child from WOrld Vision, or Feed the Children. If you don't want to spend your time..then spend a few cents or bucks a day. Do you realize if 100 families would donate 10 bucks a week for a year, we could raise 52,000 dollars to feed starving children!! 52,000 dollars! 10 bucks a week! We spend more then ten bucks a week on ice cream or coffee, or chips!!!
Come know you do!! Let's get off our butts people!! Let's move!! Let's GO!!
Let's not just sit around and say...let's do something... Let's actually do it!!
Feed the poor. Take care of the sick! Bring people to Christ! Feed the Homeless! Visit the Elderly! What else can I do!!??? I'm not doing enough!! I want to change lives!! Change my community!! Change the world!! I have lots of Holy Discontent! I have a new hero. Martin Luther King rocks. I'm going to get a book about Him. I want to know more..'s 1:30 am now.Gotta talk to my main man, and then go to bed.
That is a very small sample of what it's like inside of my brain, on any given day. Hope I didn't make your head spin.. he he Peace Out! SLH more thought. GOtta write Cathy Jones. Cath..if you read this..YES!! I WANT A PLAYDATE!! I HAVE SO MUCH TO SHARE WITH YOU!!! I WILL WRITE YOU SOON! WHEN I CAN..FRIEND! : )

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The ShortStop Inn

My mom has officially put the family restaurant up for sale. When I look at these pictures in the real estate magazine, I can't help but to feel sadness. We have so many memories here. The ShortStop Inn is a play on my family's last name, "Short". My brother and father gutted out the place and built a restaurant in this building so many years ago. At first, they opened the very first Pizza shop in New Wilmington, called Prima's Pizza. My parents used their last dime to put a little bit of change in the cash register, to open up with. We used mix matched chairs, and used equipment. My sister Amy and I, were the Shortstop Inn's very first waitresses. We didn't know what the heck we were doing..but we did it! My parents owned and operated the ShortStop Inn for over twenty years! It's know for it's homemade dinners. As my mom likes to say, "No fancy chefs here, just grandma and grandpa's good old-fashioned homecookin'" : )
We had many family dinners at my parent's restaurant. Joe and I first announced our engagement there. It's where I had my first job. I can still see my dad sitting in his office, tilting back on his chair, talking to me...or him peeping his head through the window from the kitchen. I can picture my mom, standing behind the counter, or talking to one of her beloved customers.
When it's gone and sold..there will only be memories left. It's like a death. The world keeps moving on and all that's left is memories.

Sweet Friends, Scrumptious Food, Superman Failure...and more of Susan's Follies.

I was in the mood to cook yesterday, so I invited Kim and Gary (Ally's boyfriend) over for a homecooked meal. We had Filet mignon, Stuffed Baked Potatoes, Corn on the Cob and fresh salad! MMMMMM. That's my kid's favorite meal! I also promised Gary I'd make him chocolate chip cookies, so I did that too! Afterwards we watched Superman Returns! We called it STUPIDMAN RETURNS! It was a very boring movie. I think Kim, Joe and I all fell asleep at one point!! We're getting old!
Monday, Joe and the girls and I went hottub scouting! This summer/fall we are getting a new deck build with a hottub. We figured out the size and the style we wanted. Our next step is to see if we will be able to put a 240 volt outlet in our electical box. Joe thinks it might be too much of an additional cost, if we have to change the whole box. I hope not!
**** I got a phone call from my surgeon's office for my upcoming surgery. All the paperwork is in and they sent it off to the insurance company today!! WOOHOOO It will most likely happen in August.
*****We may be starting our group @ Steamers again!!
We're taking a van down to Pittsburgh for a buc's game!! Anybody interested let me know!
Ally has to testify in the court hearing vs. josh this next Tuesday. Please pray that she has little anxiety and all goes well. She is very afraid that she will see Josh and/or his family. She hasn't seen him since the incident in May.
I think that's about it. Oh..MY NEICE AMANDA is trying out for American Idol, in Philadelphia, on August 27th. She is 17 and has an amazing voice!!! I'll let you all know if she makes it. I've been spending a lot of time with God, praying, reading His word, worshipping. God is preparing my heart, convicting me, giving me confidance in planting this Church. I get butterflies in my stomach when I say it. Freedom Community Church. We're on our way......
Thanks for being interested in my life. Susan

I'm an encouraging visionary!

This is my personality DNA

Do you want to see what your personality DNA is? Take this test! It's very revealing.
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You are a Visionary

Your imagination, self-assuredness, and knowledge of the world combine to make you a VISIONARY.

You have clear notions of how things could be, and the confidence to try to make them that way.

You enjoy having a routine, and prefer comfort and familiarity to risk and adventure.

Not needing others' approval to forge ahead, you are confident in your designs for the future.

Your imagination allows you to envision the world as a better place.

You're better at thinking of the big picture than you are with details, and you can see wonder in abstract things.

Style and appearances are important to you, and you have a good eye for beauty.

You are somewhat rigid in your beliefs, which comes from both confidence and an aversion to change.

You are good at creating works of art in forms with which you're familiar.

You're not afraid to let your emotions guide you, and you're generally considerate of others' feelings as well.

Generally, you believe that you control your life, and that external forces only play a limited role in determining what happens to you.

how you relate to others
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You often know what's good for people because of your caring nature and your worldview.

When you care about someone, you don't keep it to yourself: you are good at letting people know that you're thinking of them.

Because you trust people, you take violations of that trust very seriously.

You thrive in social situations, and even though you know who you like and who you don't like, you can interact well with many different types of people.

You have a healthy respect for people who have earned what they have, and you strive to be similar to successful others.

You are a loyal friend and a good listener

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Thank you for your prayers!! My Aunt had good results with her stress test, Joy did well with her back surgery (but is in a lot of please pray for her!!) and my sister and the boys arrived home safely!!

The day that each person willingly accepts himself or herself for who he or she is and acknowledges the uniqueness of God's framing process marks the beginning of a journey to seeing the handiwork of God in each life. Trying to mirror someone else's accomplishments is one thing. Trying to be someone else in distinctive capacity is unhealthy and breeds insatiable hungers. Not everyone is a Bach or an Einstein. But there is splendor in the ordinary.

Accepting and celebrating the thread of your own personality is the first grasp of the Grand Weaver's design in your life. You are not a number. He knows you by name. Every stage of the process may not look picturesque, but every detail will come into focus and possess its share of beauty.

Monday, July 09, 2007

I was up til 2:30 am..praying and reading God's word. I was/am praying for Joy this morning. My Aunt Nancy is having a stress test this morning. She's been having chest pains. I was/am praying for her as well. Praying for my mom too. Praying for Amy and her boys to have safe travel back home. Lord, you are Lord of all. In your hands, I give it all over to you. Lord, I know you and I trust you. In your son's name, I pray these things.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

My sister Amy is Amazing! She lives a life that is full of fun and excitement. I am a reserved, conservative, non risk taker kind of individual. Amy is the opposite. She knows how to have a good time : ) I often long to have more of Amy's personality in me. Anyway.. Joe and I worked all day yesterday. I waitressed for 8 hours and we were very busy at the restaurant. I was just getting ready to leave, when Amy called me and said, "Hey, Rob (her husband) has a friend who works the concerts at Starlake Ampitheater. He told Rob that REO SPEEDWAGON, STYX, and DEF LEPPARD were playing tonight and that if we wanted to come down, he'd get us in for free." " That sounds like a blast Aim..but I am wayyyyyyyyy to tired" "Come on..we'll have so much fun! You can just relax and listen to the music" (I have such a hard time saying no, but I SO, did not want to go.) "Call Joe and Kim and see if they want to go." Me: "Crap"
I called Kim. "YES!!!!" I called Joe. "YES"

Me:Crap again. "No way..we won't get down there til after 9:00 pm, by the time we park we won't get to the show til 10:00 pm.. we'll drive all that way..walk all that way..and get to hear one or two songs." (That's me!!)
ring..ring..ring.. (Amy calls back) "Jerry says he'll meet us at the gate with a golf cart and we'll drive right up to the v.i.p section, right by the ampitheater"
"Yeah right" I'm thinking.. "That kind of thing never works...I've been burned in those kind of situations..nothing as good as it seems."
"I'm not guys go!!! I'm not going!! You guys are going to drink, and I'll be stuck driving home etc..."

Amy: "I wont' drink..I promise!!" "Get up..and're going!!!"
Me: "Sigh"
We went. Jerry met us at the gate, drove us right up to the ampitheater, gave us VIP passes, we went right into the concert, sat down..good seats.. got there right before Def Leppard went on. HAD A BLAST!!!Sang at the top of our lungs..Photograph...Pour some sugar on me... ROCK ON!!! HAHAHAH I can't believe it!! That's Amy's kind of life! She's always doing fun things...knowing fun people..having cool things happen to her. She's always been COOL Like that!! It's so much fun being with her.. It makes me realize that I've got to stop being so tight.. ANAL is the word that they use..I am TOO ANAL!! I wish I could let go and just relax and have fun. I want too! But it's not easy for me.
Thanks AMY!! I had so much fun! I love you more than you'd ever know!!! Suz.. : )

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world." Mahatma Gandhi

Friday, July 06, 2007

My friend Joy is having back surgery on Monday. Please pray for her. She is counting on you prayer warriors!!!
God please give Karen and Joy safe travels to Pittsburgh in the early morning hours they must drive. Give them both comfort and peace of mind before/during & after the surgery. Please be with the doctors as they operate on her back. Please let the surgery be successful..let it cause the pain the Joy has felt, weaken and cease to exist. Help her to recover quickly. Help her see YOU LORD in the midst of any pain or discomfort or lack of.. Hold her hand..comfort her soul..protect her Father.
In your Son's name we ask, Amen

I love you Joy!! GET WELL SOON MY FRIEND!! I'm thinking of you. Sue

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Sing..Sing a la la la la

Photographs from our mini vacation coming soon! : )

As soon as I upload them!

The Visitor

My mom lives in a beautiful home in New Wilmington. She has a house with ten acres of land. Her neighbors are Amish farmers. It's so beautiful and peaceful at my mom's house. We love to sit out on the porch and talk, late into the night. Last night, Amy, my mom and I were sitting on the porch talking. The kids were playing inside of the house. Joe was also inside playing guitar hero. It was about 11:30 pm. It was very dark outside and all the neighbors were in their beds, lights turned out. My mom heard a noise that came from across the street. "It must be the neighbors using the outhouse", said my mom. We heard more noises. It sounded like someone walking through my mom's yard towards the porch. "Who's there?" my mom shouted out. No answer. We all three looked at each other with puzzled expressions on our faces. "Who's coming here?" my mom said again. We all three got up at the same time and looked out into the yard. At the same time we all saw our visitor cautiously approaching the porch.. It was a cow walking in our yard towards us!! We all laughed hysterically! All the kids came running out and the cow took off into the woods. By this time, the Amish kids across the street, heard that the cow got out, and began looking for it. It was pitch black outside, and all the kids, Amy, Joe, and I walked around trying to find the cow! Joe and Ally got into the car and started driving up the street! The cow came out of the woods and headed straight for the car!! Fortunately Jacob, one of the Amish kids, caught thecow and led it back home! That visitor to our yard, gave the kids a great memory to have of a special 4th of July celebration!!!

What was a good wife like in 1955?

This was an article that was published in Housekeeping Monthly Magazine in 1955. To see a larger image of the magazine article click here

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Independence Day

A blog post by Mark Batterson, Pastor of National Community Church in Washington DC

I love America! And I love celebrating the 4th in DC!

It's sad to me that we live in a a day and age where we almost have to defend our patriotism. I'm certainly not suggesting that America is above reproach. Far from it. But a few years ago I did extensive research for a sermon series on our spiritual heritage. And I walked away with a renewed sense of destiny. There is so much revisionist history out there that we tend to forget that a lot of our Founding Fathers were motivated by their faith in Christ.

Just thought I'd share some backstory about some of the fifty-six signers of the Declaration of Independence. Most Americans know next to nothing about these fifty-six heroes who pledged their lives and fortunes to the cause of freedom.

John Witherspoon was an ordained minister and authored several books of sermons, as well as editing America's first family Bible published in 1791.

Charles Thomson served as Secretary of Congress and was a Biblical scholar. He helped edit the first American translation of the Greek Septuagint into English.

Charles Carroll, the last of the fifty-six signers to pass away at the age of 95 in 1832, wrote out his declaration of faith at the age of eighty-nine.

On the mercy of my Redeemer I rely for my salvation, and on His merits; not on the works I have done in obedience to His precepts.

Another Founding Father, Benjamin Rush, is considered the "Father of American Medicine." He personally trained three thousand medical students. Dr. Rush also founded "The First Day Society" which was the precursor to the Sunday School movement, as well as founding America's first Bible society. It was Benjamin Rush who said the Constitution was "as much the work of Divine Providence as any of the miracles recorded in the Old and New Testament were the effects of divine power."

Francis Hopkinson was a church music director and edited one of the first hymnals printed in America in 1767. He also set 150 psalms to music.

Roger Sherman is the only Founding Father to sign all four of America's Founding documents: the Articles of Association in 1774, the Declaration of Independence in 1776, the Articles of Confederation in 1778, and the U.S. Constitution in 1787. Roger Sherman was also a theologian. He wrote a personal creed that was adopted by his church:

I believe that there is one only living and true God, existing in three persons, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, the same in substance, equal in power and glory. That the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments are a revelation from God, and a complete rule to direct us how we may glorify and enjoy Him.

I could share story after story, but the bottom line is this: many, if not most, of our Founding Fathers were motivated by their Faith in Christ. They wrote sermons and creeds and hymns. They founded Bible Societies and Sunday Schools. They served God's purposes in their own generation.

Hope that adds a dimension of gratitude to your 4th of July

Sunday, July 01, 2007

A Sunday in the Life...

My sister Amy and her three sons are visiting from Maryland this week!! We took our kids to Boardman today to eat and play at Jillians Restaurant and Fun Center!!
We then stopped @ Barnes & kinda "candy store" *sigh* I love book stores. I got myself a present..Okay two presents. I bought this.
It smells and feels so good. I couldn't wait to get it home to write in it. I have been wanting a leather bound journal for a while now, to take notes, to keep track of ideas that go through my head. Without writing them down, most of them are lost!!! I also bought this book.
I couldn't resist. It was six bucks.
Tommorow we are going to Presque Isle, spending the night at a hotel,then the next day at Waldameer Park! Wednesday we're having a cook-out at my mom's and watching the fireworks @ Pearson Park in Neshannock Twp. I'm going to document the trip with photographs!!
*yawn* It's been a long day...I hope you had a great weekend and a wonderful week! Enjoy the 4th of July Holiday! See you Thursday! Susan

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Experiencing God at Moraine State Park

I woke up several times in the night, anticipating the quiet time with God I was going to have Friday morning. I have been needing time with God...a spiritual retreat. My life has been so busy..too busy. I haven't been spending enough time with God, talking to Him, listening to Him....just BEING with Him. I knew that this morning was going to be special, which was why I had difficulty sleeping.
I think I woke up around 4:20 am, but didn't get out of bed til 5:00 am. My mind couldn't stop spinning. I was surprised to see it was light at 5:00 ! The birds were chirping away too. I wish I could wake up every morning that early! It feels so good.
So I got out of bed and showered, gathered my Bible, my journal, a few pens, my ipod and a bottle of water. I got to Brenda's house at 6:00. She was ready to go. It took us about 20 minutes I think(time flies when you are talking) to arrive at Moraine.
I haven't been there since I was a child. My sister Dianna, used to take me swimming but I can barely remember what it looked like.
We pulled into a spot by the lake, where boats are kept. There was a dock, and a short pier.
It was so beautiful and serene.
Brenda brought two chairs. We set them up beside each other in the grass by the lake. I began to pray and journal. I pray many times all through out the day, but when i need to talk to God and I want to seek answers from Him.. When I want to go deeper..I feel the need to write.
This is how I started out..
Dear Father God, Abba, my lover, my best friend, How I love you Lord. You are the Creator of this world. You are the creator of me. Thank you my Lord and Savior, My King for all you are, and all you do, and all you've done for me. You've given me free will to be who I am. You sent your son Jesus to take on my sins, so I could be forgiven. Lord, I love you. I am in awe sitting here at Moraine watching the fish jump out of the water and seeing the ripples in the water. It makes me think of the effect kindness and your love has on people...One act of kindness can create a ripple can spread out and get bigger and touch more people as it spreads. Lord help me to create positive ripples in the lives of other people.
I hear geese honking and the chatter of birds. Lord, you are such an awesome Creator. I breathe in the cool crisp air deep into my lungs. It is like refreshment. It feels like taking a drink of water when you are extremely thirsty. That's how this feels to me God. You are my refreshment and I have been very thirsty. Ahhh...It feels so good.
So that's how my praying/journaling started....
Very soon I felt in communion with God. I began telling him about the difficult time I was having in an area of my life. God directed me to His word...specifically to look up passages on Faith. I didn't realize it was a Faith problem I was having, but God sent me first to Genesis 12:7
7 Then the Lord appeared to Abram and said, “I will give this land to your descendants.[a]” And Abram built an altar there and dedicated it to the Lord, who had appeared to him.
I knew immediately what God wanted me to do... A few nights before, Karen, my friend whom ALWAYS leads me to God sent me an email with these words written in it... "Be willing to move and act when God says...and be willing to sit and wait if that's His desire. Suggestion: Go through an act of worship where you literally lay this vision, this church plant, your burden for the lost...all of it on the altar. Make a "make-shift" altar and worship Him and surrender tha WHOLE THING. Don't take it back...just stay in close relationship...just be obedient...let God be enough...all you need. He will move and act and you will be His vessel"
God wanted me to make an altar and worship Him. I knew he did. But I didn't want too..I was embarrassed. What would Brenda think? She'd think I was crazy. (i know..she already knows I'm crazy..but this was embarrassing to me.) So I sat there..but the feeling of making that altar grew bigger. I knew God wanted me to do it. It made sense. I needed to do it. So I got up and there was a gully of rocks very close to us. I was hoping Brenda wouldn't turn around so she couldn't see what I was doing..but I picked up a few rocks and took them beneath a tree near the lake.
I went back and picked up some more..carried them back and I began to make an altar. It was a pile of rocks..but it became an altar where I bowed down and worshipped my King. ... After building the altar..I had communion with God. As has happened in the past, each time I have felt God's presence that close, I began to cry..the cries come from deep inside of me..they are cries of unworthiness and thankfulness..It's kind of hard to explain. Like..God is so powerful, and just the feeling of Him is so big..and Good and Wonderful..that you feel unworthy. You just get a glimpse of what it must feel like to be anywhere near Him. So much's overwhelming! Does that make sense? Has anyone else felt God's presence in such a way? If you have, will you please share what it has been like for you?
My stomach always hurts too..because of that "bigness". As I said, it's hard to describe. So I layed it all down at the Altar...all of my baggage..all of my unwillingness to give up my control and let God be the leader of this church plant. I need to trust. I need to have faith. I need to let God be God and continue following His lead. So, I had that time with God and I felt free afterwards.
I went back to the picnic table and I continued to look up passages on Faith. read about Abraham and Sarah. I read about Moses. I read about Joshua. I read about the Israelites.. Each verse, each chapter that I was sent too, spoke to me. FAITH. HAVE FAITH!
I read and I prayed and I worshipped for about 3 1/2 hours. Ahhhh... hours of quiet time with felt so wonderful... Everyone needs to experience a spiritual retreat!! You won't be the same person afterwards!
When I felt as though I was finished..I went back and spent some time with Brenda sharing experiences. At about 10:15 we packed up our belongings and went home. What a wonderful refreshing morning,Experiencing God!!! Susan

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Evan Almighty!

Went with two friends to see this movie last night! It was hilarious!! The kids in the audience were laughing so made me laugh! What a wonderful, clean, humorous movie! I wish there were more of these made!!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

He is always near. He knows our wants, our dangers, our feelings, and our fears. By looking to him we are enlightened and made strong out of weakness. With his wisdom for our guide, his power for our protection, his fullness for our supply, and proposing his glory as our chief end, and placing our happiness in his favour, in communion with him, and communications from Him, we shall be able to "withstand in the evil day, and having done all to stand."—John Newton in a letter to William Wilberforce

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Freedom Community Church! The more I dream about it..the more excited I get. Jamie Woodall is going to be our pastor! He and his wife Kris are from Michigan..they are moving here in January 2008! They are AWESOME people!! Jamie is going to make a great pastor of Freedom Community Church! (haha I just love to say it out loud!) I can't wait to show you his picture of what he visions the church to look like. A sports bar..a coffee house..giant media screens.. David Crowder..Chris Tomlin..Tree 63 playing up on the screens.. the house will be ROCKIN for Jesus!!! Oh, dudes I am so excited : ) I am so priveledged beyond words to be a part of this church plant! We are going to show New Castle Jesus in a whole new way!!!!!!! just wait : ) You're going to want to come to our church...... I know you will! : )
ROCK ON!! FREEDOM WRITER ( my new pen name!)

One hour of prayer.

Good Morning! *Stretch* *Yawn* It's a beautiful day here in Pennsylvania. The sun is peeking through my windows. I got up at 7:00 am this morning..and sent some emails out. Now I'm going to take my Bible out to my porch and spend one hour of quiet time with God. I will start off by praying. I have lots to talk to God about. When you pray, do you talk to God or do you just ask Him for things? God wants to hear our requests but He also wants us to listen to Him He wants us to have a relationship with talk to Him like you would your best friend! Have you ever read EXPERIENCING GOD? It's a great book to read that helps you realize that God is always at work around you!! Then I will read God's word.
I have read through the Bible completely one time. I didn't just read it..I studied it!! Next to asking Christ to come live into my heart, it has been the best thing I've ever done!! Reading the Bible helps you to understand the meaning of life.
Why are you here? How'd you get here? It's our history!! It's our manual for living! There's so much wisdom and knowledge in the Bible. ANYTHING you need to know about life...ANYTHING..all the answers are there!!!!
Reading the Bible and praying..they are disciplines! It's not's strange that it's not easy to do..but it's not. You've got to make it a habit. You make yourself get up in the morning, or in the evening or at night to read and pray. Once you do, you'll be so glad. YOUR whole life will change!! You will make God so happy and proud of you too!! He is the only person in this world you need to worry about making happy and proud!! Okay..I've got to go and spend some time with my Father this morning. I hope you have a great day today!! MAKE IT GREAT!! I will pray for YOU that you have the desire to pray and read God's word today!! SLH

Monday, June 25, 2007


Joe, Kim and I saw a good movie tonight. It's called 1408. It's based on a Stephen King short story written in 2002. Stephen King is the Master story teller and
John Cusack is one of my favorite actors. We were creeped out! The movie had a great ending!!! Check out the trailer!

What a day..

I know I've posted many posts today..It's been a wonderful day spent online..reading articles on church planting and leadership and Christianity and having a little fun too with logo designing!
I have been inspired today. When I can spend time, doing anything involved with building God's church..I get inspired. The call that God has put on my life, is so very strong. He has called me to be a leader in this church plant. I have no doubt about that. He's given me a vision. He's been with me, this entire process. Do you know that it's been almost two years since He's put the vision in my heart for a new church to come to New Castle? It has been three years since I gave my entire life over to Christ, and He told me that he was going to use me to do great things for His Kingdom and almost two years since He called me to help bring this church to New Castle. It's been a journey with twists and turns and bumps..but the journey has always progressed.. ALWAYS! FAITH! It takes faith, that doesn't wain.
When God plants something in your doesn't just stop. It is a drive, that compels me to keep moving forward. It is God's Holy Spirit that lives inside me, and I have surrendered to Him. He leads and guides me. He compels and drives me forward..keep going..don't give up.. do this for ME. I know I am going to help bring people to Christ. I know it. I can't wait for the day. I want to lead others to Christ. I want to hold their hands as they accept Jesus as their Savior. I want to pray with them. I want Baptize them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. I want to smile with them as they feel that Joy of knowing Christ. I want to hug them. Oh man....Jesus loves you so much! You can have such an amazing life if you just let Him lead you..if you just give up your sinful ways and turn to God!! OH...The JOY!!!!! It's indescribable!!
I found this little snippet on a woman pastor's website today... I wanted to share it with you. It's about leadership. I can relate, because God has called me to STAND UP and make a difference. A revolution IS brewing! A HOLY UPRISING IS HAPPENING! YOU JUST WAIT.. you will see! IT'S COMING TO NEW CASTLE!!!
Perhaps God is still calling because we STILL have a leadership crisis in our world. Things are not going to get easier either. The need will become more prevalent as the gatekeepers of the world die, retire, or are removed due to secret sins (as we've seen lately with high profile leaders). I believe a revolution is brewing, a new kind of rebellion, a holy uprising and God is shaking things up in our lives, because YOU and I are supposed to STAND UP and make a difference by leading!

Just Stop IT!

Oh my gosh..this is SO funny!!! - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more

Coming soon..

Listening to this...

Reading this today..

Kirk Cameron: “Am I ever going to hear the message that will save my soul from Hell?”
Growing Pains star Kirk Cameron recently addressed the SBC pastors convention via video... here is part of his presentation: Can I speak to you from my heart for a moment? I realize that, theologically, I’m not worthy to wash your socks. But imagine this scenario with me, if you will: Imagine I’m a “seeker”- I’m a non-Christian, sitting in your church week after week after week listening to you. Am I ever going to hear the message that will save my soul from Hell?

Will you ever tell me the truth clearly enough so that I realize that my sin has made me an enemy of God: that I am currently on the path that leads to destruction, with the wrath of God dwelling upon me, and that unless I repent and put my faith in the Savior, I will perish? Or have you decided that it’s better to simply entertain me, and on Sundays I can come to have my “felt needs” met with good music and good advice? Pastor, while I would appreciate that, it’s the ultimate betrayal of my trust in you if you don’t tell me the truth. Will I ever hear the words “repent,” “surrender,” “turn to the Savior,” “be born again”? If you don’t tell me those things, how will I ever know to do it? Please don’t leave it up to the Wednesday night small-group leader. They’re taking their cues from you. You’re leading the flock.

And now I speak to you as a Christian. If you and I fail to teach the whole counsel of God, and we don’t warn sinners to flee from the wrath to come, and run to the love of Christ on the Cross to save their soul, we make a terrible mistake. It doesn’t matter how happy a person is- how much a sinner is enjoying the pleasures of sin for a season- without the righteousness of Christ, he’ll perish on the Day of Judgment. The Bible says, “Riches profit not on the Day of Wrath, but righteousness delivers from death.” You see, that’s how Kirk Cameron realized he needed a Savior. I had riches, but I knew that it was the righteousness of God that I needed in order to be saved from my sin.

Any thoughts?

Doing Church Planting work today : )


Sunday, June 24, 2007

I'm having a special dinner tonight...

Joe and I both had the day off today! We, along with our girls,spent the late morning/early afternoon by the pool (ALL FOUR OF US!!!..the first time this year!)..listening to music, soaking up the sun, and splashing in the COOL water!! Oh...Life is beautiful.
We worked 12 hours yesterday. We had 400 guests eat at our restaurant! I served 175 of them!! feet were tired last night! We got home last night at 11:00 pm, played a little guitar hero with Lauren and went straight to bed!!
Today..we are all relaxing!
Just now,Joe took the girls to the grocery store, to buy the ingredients for dinner tonight. We haven't had a home cooked Roast Beef dinner in a long time, so tonight I am cookin!!!! My girls are so excited. We ALL cherish family days, when we can be together. This is the kind of day, where I'll set the table with our "fancy" dishes and the "good" silverware and the crystal glasses! I will pick some flowers for the centerpiece and light some candles.
I'm having very special guests for dinner tonight...the most important people in my life.. My family!
I hope YOU are having a great day today too! I hope you are able to surround yourself with people who love you. I hope you're able to show love to someone today! If you're feeling lonely...invite someone to dinner. Set the table with your "fancy" dishes. Make something special to eat. You're not going to get love unless you give love! The more you give..the more you will receive!! Those are true words!!
So GO LOVE SOMEONE Today!!!! Susan L. Hougelman

Friday, June 22, 2007

A dramatic look!

I love technology

If I could give the world a gift...

I would give each person in this world..the gift of self-esteem. What would you give?

Moving Forward

Do you ever feel like your life is moving forward very quickly and you are just hanging on, unable to stop it or at least slow it down? That's how I feel right now! I need to stop time..just for a few days and get focused and organized! I have so many mental files open, and I need to take each one and deal with it, then close it up. Right now...the whole dang cabinet is open and my files are a mess!!
I am working so much at the restaurant. We are lacking help, so I've had to work much more than I want too. Of course because I am co-owner of the restaurant it's not just doing your job and then going home and forgetting about it! I am a waitress, and a manager, and a hostess and a mother (Ally's been working at the restaurant with us!... Lauren is coming in today.) So it's a lot of mental stress..who's going to work this week? Who needs off? Nobody is cleaning the restaurant! The high chairs were dirty! THe new waitress I hired has caused people to walk out of my restaurant..I'm trying to handle waitressing my own tables, and I've got to watch out for hers too.. : ( *aye carumba* It's just too much at times. You just wake up and do what you gotta know it's not going to be easy, but you handle it! That's how it is at work right now..
It is tough!
Joe and I don't do enough business or make enough money to allow us to be just managers or owners...we are workers also. This is way too stressful. You can't be both! We know this yet we continue to let this happen. Why? Our restaurant runs on high caffeine... That's what it's like at lunch time.. you RUN..there's nothing leisure about's very high energy..but you make people feel like they're relaxing.. Maybe you have to be in the restaurant business to understand..
So anyway...I'm working for right now.. A lot! It's hard to concentrate on anything else. When I come home, I clean laundry..take care of home business etc.. and then I try so hard to spend the time I am at home with my daughters and husband..then before I know's bedtime and morning comes so quickly..then we start all over again!
I don't mind a matter of fact..I love being busy..I am definitely a high energy person..I am very fast paced, so I thrive in that kind of environment...but I definitely need time to come down and unwind! I need a few days off with nothing to do!
Great News!!
I finished my last physical test before I meet with the gastric bypass surgeon!!! My heart is fine! My brain is fine! My lungs are fine! I'm in good shape for being so overweight!!!!!! I should be getting a call from the surgeon's office any day now, to set up an appointment for the surgery! Please continue to pray for me, because this is a life changing operation!
Also... Are you ready for this news?? Are you sure? Here it comes!!.. We found a Pastor for our church plant!!!!! His name is Jamie Woodall and he and his wife Kris, and their three (soon to be four) children will be moving to New Castle, from Michigan in January of 2008!!! We are in communications, starting to put together the logo and branding and the core values of FREEDOM COMMUNITY CHURCH!!!
WE CHANGED OUR NAME!!!! Jamie is going to be the lead church planter for Freedom Community Church, and he has chosen the name, and I love it!!!
All the prayers...all the hard work..all the determination..not giving up..trusting God..being faithful and obedient..letting HIM control the outcome..just following Him and believing in the Vision that he placed upon my heart... wow... I can't wait to take this next step!! GOD ROCKS!!!
You can imagine, that I have so much more to say about this..there are so many emotions running around inside of's definitely a mental and emotional file that is wide open and I need time to think and pray and embrace it all. I will find that time. I know that God has been preparing my heart for this all to take place!
I have so much more to blog many things happening...Perhaps I will come on tonight and spend some time organizing my thoughts and sharing them with you.
For now.. this is all.
Peace out! With Christ's amazing and neverending love, Susan

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


The commercial below inspires me!!
I want the background of the video on something..
on my walls, on my clothes!!
When are clothes going to have moving images on them?
Why aren't all billboards big video monitors?
I want my bedroom painted with that background!!!
Why are cars mostly all solid colors?
Why don't we see hot pink colored cars?
I watched Legally Blond for the first time last night...
I dress like El Wood! Okay let me clarify that...I don't wear sexy clothes..but I do wear a lot of bright pinks..and turquoise blues...
Why doesn't everyone? Why look dull? Let's brighten up the world!! More color!!
More Music! More Happiness!! More JOY!!! Yeah.....
I'm smiling : ) I love life!!!!!
It's Tuesday...I'm off to work. I work every day this week except Sunday!
I don't know why..but I'm happy about this!! I feel like working hard! I have energy! I have joy! I feel full of life! Holy Spirit inside of excited : )
I have great news coming soon.............
Have a great day! Susan

Paul McCartney

I love this commercial! It makes me happy : ) I want to dance and sing and shout!

Holy Discontent

The tendency for most of us when we encounter stuff that creates disease and frustration in our souls is to push it away. And fast! We feel the discomfort of holy discontentedness coming on, and reflexively we want to medicate it. We want to recoil in disgust at the dreadful realities surrounding us. We want to head to Blockbuster to rent another movie just to stay distanced from it. But the truth is this: the best thing you can do is to move toward your area of holy discontent until you have clear direction from God as to what action you should take to resolve it. For example, if the plight of the poor becomes your holy discontent, then increase your exposure to the poor. I'm serious here: Move toward the poor, not away from them. (Bill Hybels: Holy Disontent)

Monday, June 18, 2007

Raymond O. Short

This is a picture of my dad. This picture of my dad is a very rare one, because my dad did not often smile, like he is smiling in this picture. He smiled..and he laughed.. but there's something about this picture.. His whole face is lit up!
We found this picture of my dad in a box..none of us kids had ever seen it before. We felt like it was a gift from God, to find it, because of the beautiful expression on my dad's face. I have this picture sitting on my corner cupboard, right next to our dining room table. It's in a frame that has a Scripture verse on it that says, "Behold, I am going to send an angel before you to guard you along the way and to bring you into the place which I have prepared" Ex 23:20
I miss my dad. I miss his wisdom and advice. I miss his laughter. I miss watching him enjoy my mom's cooking so much. I miss the way his lips felt when you kissed him..his moustache tickling your lip. I can still feel his kiss.. I miss seeing him laying on the couch..I miss his songs....I miss going shopping with him..How he loved to find a great parking spot..and then he'd sit in the middle of the mall..eating a snack..talking to anyone that would talk with him!! haha! I miss the way he listened to me. I miss how he'd pick at his eyebrow while he was listening.... I miss the way that he was proud of me. One of my most prized possessions is the last Christmas card he gave me..he wrote "I'm so proud of my CHristian daughter".. I miss talking to him so much. Most of all... I miss his love. When my dad was one less person in the world to love me..
I miss YOU Dad..and I love you!! Happy Fathers day..I know you are sharing this day with your father and OUR heavenly Father! Susie


We had such a wonderful day yesterday celebrating Father's day! We started the day off, by sleeping in! HA! That may sound funny, but Joe and I rarely ever get to sleep until we feel like waking up!! Today we got to sleep in! I woke up a little earlier then everyone else, because I wanted to get some errands done before we left for the game. So about 9:30 am I got up, showered, went to buy some snacks for the game, clean my car out, fill it up with gas and then came home to wake everyone else up! We got on the road about 11:30! After a stop at Dunkin Donuts (OF COURSE!!)We headed to Pittsburgh to see the Pirates play the White Sox! It was a beautiful Sunny Day! We put some U2 in the cd player, turned on the air conditioner, and enjoyed the ride to the park. One of my favorite sites ever, is rounding that bend on 279 and seeing the city of Pittsburgh!
We got to the park about 12:30, found a good parking spot, and headed to PNC Park!
We bought tickets in left field (I don't think it's possible to get a bad seat at PNC Park!!) and sat down to enjoy the game.

It was a great game!! There were so many hits which made it very exciting to watch! My one complaint was that it was so HOT! Other than that.. Great game! Pirates won 8-7! Joe said it was the best game he'd ever been too! WOOHOOOOO!!!!
After the game was over, we stopped at our favorite picture spots and took some Pics! This first one is Joe's hero Honus Wagner!

It's also his alter ego! This pic shows him in his Honus Pirate Jersey looking up at his Hero!

THe next pic is in front of Willie Stargell! It was supposed to be a pic of the whole family, but the lady taking the picture cut Lauren off! : (

And here's the HOUGELMAN BRICK, which is right next to the Willie Stargell Statue!

After the game, we came home and stopped at the new McDonald's in Shenango Twp. We weren't so impressed! It's pretty!
Very modernized, but we thought it had new technology...touch screen computers etc.. haha!! It was nice but nothing to make me drive out of my way to eat there!
When we got home, we all played a little Guitar Hero, I did some laundry and then crashed!! Ahhhh, it was a nice family day! We hadn't had one in a while. I hope you all had a good Father's Day!!!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

The Reticular Activating System

The Reticular Activating System
Interesting post byMARK BATTERSON

The Reticular Activating System (RAS) is a cluster of nerve cells in the brainstem that regulate alertness and attention. We are bombarded by thousands of stimuli every second--different sights, sounds and sensations. It is the job of the RAS to regulate which stimuli you pay attention to and which stimuli you ignore. It is the gatekeeper or screening device. Or think of it as mental radar. The RAS determines what you notice and what goes unnoticed.

Here's how it works. When you purchase a cell phone or clothing or a car, it creates a category in your reticular activating system. You notice if someone's cell phone has the same ring tone don't you? Because you go to answer yours! You notice if someone is wearing your outfit at the same event. Can you say awkward? And the second you drive your new car out of the lot, it seems like everyone is driving your model car.

That is the function of the RAS. You didn't have a category for your clothing or ring tone or car before you bought it. But once you made the purchase or downloaded the ring tone or drove out of the dealership, you had a new cognitive category.

So what does that have to do with goals?

Goals create cognitive categories. And you begin to notice anything and everything that will help you achieve that goal.

I like the way Bodil Jonsson explains it. "Everybody has internal scouts. If you've just learned you're pregnant, you'll see women with big bellies and parents with baby buggies everywhere. If you've started thinking that the spot on your back might be malignant, you'll feel it rubbing against your shirt all day long. A person's perceptions are guided to a great extent by his scouts."

Goals are internal scouts.

Anyone who has children knows that kids lose interest in anything that is not immediately before their eyes--out of sight out of mind. According to psychologists, if an object is removed from a child's field of sight, that object ceases to exist. The have not yet developed the capacity known as object permanence. I would argue that we never really outgrow that. If you want to keep something in mind you better keep it in your sights. If you want vision permanence then you have to keep the vision front and center. And goals are a great way of doing that.

One footnote.

I love what John Richardson said: "When it comes to the future there are only three kind of people: those who let it happen, those who make it happen and those who wonder what happened."

Goals help make it happen

Friday, June 15, 2007


Friday?? What happened to Thursday? Where'd it go?? Life is going by too quickly..please help slow it down!! *pant* *pant* Breathing quickly.. I don't have time to blog...I must get to work.. Lauren's coming with me today, Ally worked the past two days.. Lauren will be hanging out with three friends.. I have great news about our church plant..meeting three friends tonight for girl talk..Joe and I have had some great evenings together...we're going to a Pirate game for father's day!!! house needs cleaned!!....My pool is still freezing...My brother in law is turning 40 this weekend (Happy birthday ROB!!!)...My brother just wrote me and told me how proud he is of me.. (smile) (That made my day!!).. Awww, God is good. No.. God is great..God is so much more than that!! Jesus Rocks! He rocks my world! Let him Rock yours! PEACE OUT! More later..when I have time..maybe tonight?? Susa

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Bill Gates on Turning Caring into Action

On June 7th, Bill Gates returned to Harvard to finally collect his degree — an honorary doctorate — and to speak to the graduates about turning caring into action. He said that often we don’t do anything about inequities and problems we see in the world, not because we don’t care but because we don’t know what to do. "We can make market forces work better for the poor if we can develop a more creative capitalism – if we can stretch the reach of market forces so that more people can make a profit, or at least make a living, serving people who are suffering from the worst inequities. We also can press governments around the world to spend taxpayer money in ways that better reflect the values of the people who pay the taxes. If we can find approaches that meet the needs of the poor in ways that generate profits for business and votes for politicians, we will have found a sustainable way to reduce inequity in the world." Below are some edited excerpts from that speech. You can get the full text at the Harvard University Gazette or watch the video presentation (1hr 50 min in on a 2hr 26min video).
Read the rest of the article here gates

Etch a sketch artist draws Lebron James

Conny-Britains Got Talent!


Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Hey ya'll! What's shakin'? Joe and I just got home from a chamber of commerce seminar on small businesses. zzzzzz... : ) We thought it would be informative, and I suppose it was, but not for our kind of business. We slipped out the backdoor as soon as we got the chance. Oh well, I do love belonging to the chamber of commerce, and it is great to network with other business leaders in my community! I'm just getting reay to go to work today. Tuesday is normally my day off, but we had a waitress quit, and now I'm doing double duty. We are seriously lacking help at the restaurant, so if you know of anybody who needs a job..we need workers!!!
I'm not worried though..I feel Peace.. My GOD will see us through! He Rocks! He's in Charge!! He is AMAZING!!!!! I love follwing Him!!! No need to worry, when Jesus Christ is your leader! He carries your you don't have to!
Why don't you try Him and see! You've got problems? Surrender them to God. Give them over to Him..Let Him carry that heavy weight that you've been carrying around for so long now!!! Ahhhh, it makes you feel so much!!!!
hahah NOthing to worry about....Cuz God is in Charge!! I love you all! Susan