Thursday, July 05, 2007

The Visitor

My mom lives in a beautiful home in New Wilmington. She has a house with ten acres of land. Her neighbors are Amish farmers. It's so beautiful and peaceful at my mom's house. We love to sit out on the porch and talk, late into the night. Last night, Amy, my mom and I were sitting on the porch talking. The kids were playing inside of the house. Joe was also inside playing guitar hero. It was about 11:30 pm. It was very dark outside and all the neighbors were in their beds, lights turned out. My mom heard a noise that came from across the street. "It must be the neighbors using the outhouse", said my mom. We heard more noises. It sounded like someone walking through my mom's yard towards the porch. "Who's there?" my mom shouted out. No answer. We all three looked at each other with puzzled expressions on our faces. "Who's coming here?" my mom said again. We all three got up at the same time and looked out into the yard. At the same time we all saw our visitor cautiously approaching the porch.. It was a cow walking in our yard towards us!! We all laughed hysterically! All the kids came running out and the cow took off into the woods. By this time, the Amish kids across the street, heard that the cow got out, and began looking for it. It was pitch black outside, and all the kids, Amy, Joe, and I walked around trying to find the cow! Joe and Ally got into the car and started driving up the street! The cow came out of the woods and headed straight for the car!! Fortunately Jacob, one of the Amish kids, caught thecow and led it back home! That visitor to our yard, gave the kids a great memory to have of a special 4th of July celebration!!!

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KJ said...

OH...MY...GOODNESS! What a story! are absolutely right. Thanks for sharing!