Sunday, July 08, 2007

My sister Amy is Amazing! She lives a life that is full of fun and excitement. I am a reserved, conservative, non risk taker kind of individual. Amy is the opposite. She knows how to have a good time : ) I often long to have more of Amy's personality in me. Anyway.. Joe and I worked all day yesterday. I waitressed for 8 hours and we were very busy at the restaurant. I was just getting ready to leave, when Amy called me and said, "Hey, Rob (her husband) has a friend who works the concerts at Starlake Ampitheater. He told Rob that REO SPEEDWAGON, STYX, and DEF LEPPARD were playing tonight and that if we wanted to come down, he'd get us in for free." " That sounds like a blast Aim..but I am wayyyyyyyyy to tired" "Come on..we'll have so much fun! You can just relax and listen to the music" (I have such a hard time saying no, but I SO, did not want to go.) "Call Joe and Kim and see if they want to go." Me: "Crap"
I called Kim. "YES!!!!" I called Joe. "YES"

Me:Crap again. "No way..we won't get down there til after 9:00 pm, by the time we park we won't get to the show til 10:00 pm.. we'll drive all that way..walk all that way..and get to hear one or two songs." (That's me!!)
ring..ring..ring.. (Amy calls back) "Jerry says he'll meet us at the gate with a golf cart and we'll drive right up to the v.i.p section, right by the ampitheater"
"Yeah right" I'm thinking.. "That kind of thing never works...I've been burned in those kind of situations..nothing as good as it seems."
"I'm not guys go!!! I'm not going!! You guys are going to drink, and I'll be stuck driving home etc..."

Amy: "I wont' drink..I promise!!" "Get up..and're going!!!"
Me: "Sigh"
We went. Jerry met us at the gate, drove us right up to the ampitheater, gave us VIP passes, we went right into the concert, sat down..good seats.. got there right before Def Leppard went on. HAD A BLAST!!!Sang at the top of our lungs..Photograph...Pour some sugar on me... ROCK ON!!! HAHAHAH I can't believe it!! That's Amy's kind of life! She's always doing fun things...knowing fun people..having cool things happen to her. She's always been COOL Like that!! It's so much fun being with her.. It makes me realize that I've got to stop being so tight.. ANAL is the word that they use..I am TOO ANAL!! I wish I could let go and just relax and have fun. I want too! But it's not easy for me.
Thanks AMY!! I had so much fun! I love you more than you'd ever know!!! Suz.. : )

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