Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The ShortStop Inn

My mom has officially put the family restaurant up for sale. When I look at these pictures in the real estate magazine, I can't help but to feel sadness. We have so many memories here. The ShortStop Inn is a play on my family's last name, "Short". My brother and father gutted out the place and built a restaurant in this building so many years ago. At first, they opened the very first Pizza shop in New Wilmington, called Prima's Pizza. My parents used their last dime to put a little bit of change in the cash register, to open up with. We used mix matched chairs, and used equipment. My sister Amy and I, were the Shortstop Inn's very first waitresses. We didn't know what the heck we were doing..but we did it! My parents owned and operated the ShortStop Inn for over twenty years! It's know for it's homemade dinners. As my mom likes to say, "No fancy chefs here, just grandma and grandpa's good old-fashioned homecookin'" : )
We had many family dinners at my parent's restaurant. Joe and I first announced our engagement there. It's where I had my first job. I can still see my dad sitting in his office, tilting back on his chair, talking to me...or him peeping his head through the window from the kitchen. I can picture my mom, standing behind the counter, or talking to one of her beloved customers.
When it's gone and sold..there will only be memories left. It's like a death. The world keeps moving on and all that's left is memories.

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