Thursday, July 12, 2007

A day in my life..thoughts..and Martin Luther King.

I want to open a purse and accessory store and call it the funky monkey. I want to paint it bright colors with a purple monkey as the brand. The Funky Monkey Fashion House. Get Funked @ the Funky monkey! Get Pierced at the Funky Monkey!! Yeahhhhh
I hope Joy is feeling better today. I hope Karen had safe travels to Pitt.
I hope Amy's mother in law is feeling better today.
I only have a half hour to read my Bible, check the news online and read the blogs in my RSS feeder, before I have to get ready for work.
I'm training a new busperson/waitress today.
I wish I could be a part of New Spring Church
Perry Noble Rocks
___________ (A blog I read) is full of himself. I hate arrogance.
______________ is a worship leader from California who is asking people that read his blog to donate money for his new tattoo. He's going to be on the new show LA Ink, but he has to pay for the tattoo they're doing. People are ticked off...they think that's gross. I do too. It puts a bad taste in my mouth. Others are donating ... crazy world.
Oh Crap..I'm late for work. Now I have to hurry.
Oh Crap..Joe just called me and asked me to bring Milk to work..will make me more late.
The restaurant is nice and clean. Patty is doing a great job closing on Wednesday nights.
I think the Funky Monkey would generate great profits. IT's definitely something I could franchise.
I finished reading the Purple Cow. I learned A LOT from that little book.
I also finished reading Millionaire next door, last night. I learned that most people you think are rich (People who drive nice cars and live in nice houses)..are the ones' that aren't rich..they are living above their means. They are in debt up to their eyeballs...trying to look rich. The rich people, live below their means and have their money invested in mutual funds, stocks, Ira's etc.. Interesting
I'm pretty sure that God is guiding me to open my own business.(besides the restaurant) Yup, I can still do that and help plant a church.
It's 11:00 am, time to open up.
Met people from Punxatawny. They loved the bacon swiss chicken salad. They got my email address. They're going to send me the name of a supplier of great products that we could sell in our restaurant. We're thinking of adding some shelves and sell some quality items..similar to what Bob Evans and Cracker Barrel do. We can put our private labels on the products and sell them as Volant products. Sweet. I can't wait to get their email.
Met two people from Florida. Loved the fried pickles. Makes me think again that they would make a great product to sell at a fair or the fireworks festival..etc..
I wish we took the initiative to do more..
Okay getting next thoughts are all waitress/restaurant related.
Joe gets a phone call..his dad has to be rushed to the hospital. He can't breathe.
Oh no..Lord, Please take care of Glenn and give Joe comfort and Peace in dealing with this situation.. pray..pray.. worry...pray... time,.
Hard to eat..too concerned.
Trained Leanna, she's going to be great
Rachel is incredible. She waited on people that ate on the patio. That patio has been a great addition to the restaurant. Business has definitely increased.
work...everyone goes home, but me.
Since JOe left, I have to stay all day until 8 pm. That's 9 1/2 hours on my feet.
Joe calls..his dad is okay now...getting better..breathing easier.
Lord, I SO know that you are in charge. Perhaps you are providing a solution to this burden that my husband carries. Please Lord, work it all out.
Dinner time.. are we going to have any customers for Dinner?
6 people!! Yeah. I love these people..they're steady customers! Three couples all celebrating their 52nd wedding anniversaries at our place. They've been friends since childhood. That is awesome! God bless you all!
4 more people! Wooop!!!
2 more!!! YESSSS That makes it a successful dinner! It's still we have to build up a clientele! We must get the word out! Joe made chicken and biscuits for a special this weekend. Looks good!
Wrote in my journal..drew pictures of the Funky Monkey..wrote down ideas of how to make more money at our restaurant... praying for Jamie and Kris and the kids..praying for Freedom. Praying for Damian today...feel the need to pray for him lately...Pray for discernment.
Praying for Brenda and Scott. Thanking the Lord for them. Brenda has been a faithful friend. THey are such good people. Will make great small group leaders, if God leads them in that direction! Praying for their family..for wisdom..for obedience to God..for understanding..
Praying for my mom..praying for Al..praying for Pam..
I hope Pam comes to church with us. God wants her and her children. I saw her son read a tract and hide it in his pocket one day. I wish I could talk to him about CHrist, but I'm afraid it will anger Pam. She's very open though..she listens to me when I evangelize...She's cool...
cleaning back hurts...
calling kids...missing Joe..missing kids..I hate being away from them so long...I love my girls!!!
Time to close.
I'm so tired.
Come JOe..he's coming home soon
bring kids dinner
eat dinner
Go Mark Batterson. Wonderful Pastor.
Watch video on Him baptizing people in the bay...
*pause* Cry. Being baptized was an incredible experience. I love seeing people be baptized. You can see the joy in their faces and on the faces of those baptizing them. I want to baptize people. I really want to baptize friends, and family and anyone that wants to be baptized. "Do you accept Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior? Do you want him to forgive you for your sins? Do you want to publicly claim Him as your Savior? YES??? THEN I BAPTIZE YOU IN THE NAME OF THE FATHER AND THE SON AND THE HOLY Spirit! Dunk! OHHHH, Please GOd let me do this someday. Let me see my family members come to know you..Let me see this community be baptized and livin' for you!!!
*cry* So much emotion.
Have to write an email to Amanda at the Kitchen Shoppe, to change our Neshannock Creek Inn description on the Volant Village Website. Write the description. send it out..
It's 11:30 pm.. I just started reading "Holy Discontent" Billy Hybels newest book.
Something clicked inside me. A trigger. He mentioned Martin Luther King having Holy Discontent with the way Negroes were being treated. He did something about it.
Oh my goodness, my heart is welling up right now..what is God showing me? What is He doing? Martin Luther King? I never cared before..I mean I knew how cool he was..but I never honestly really wanted to get to know him.. WOAH! Do you realize what that man did? What he stood for? What he stood up for? Do you know he was only 39 when he was killed? He changed the world! One person. One pastor! He had Holy Discontent and He did something about it!! What is your HOly Discontent? Is there something unjust, something unfair that is making you sick? Do something about it!!!!
Don't just stand there!!! GO!! DO!! BE!!! Please...
I wrote this my journal tonight.
GOd said feed the poor. Are you? WOrk at the food pantry. One or two hours, one Saturday a month. Or sign up to support a child from WOrld Vision, or Feed the Children. If you don't want to spend your time..then spend a few cents or bucks a day. Do you realize if 100 families would donate 10 bucks a week for a year, we could raise 52,000 dollars to feed starving children!! 52,000 dollars! 10 bucks a week! We spend more then ten bucks a week on ice cream or coffee, or chips!!!
Come know you do!! Let's get off our butts people!! Let's move!! Let's GO!!
Let's not just sit around and say...let's do something... Let's actually do it!!
Feed the poor. Take care of the sick! Bring people to Christ! Feed the Homeless! Visit the Elderly! What else can I do!!??? I'm not doing enough!! I want to change lives!! Change my community!! Change the world!! I have lots of Holy Discontent! I have a new hero. Martin Luther King rocks. I'm going to get a book about Him. I want to know more..'s 1:30 am now.Gotta talk to my main man, and then go to bed.
That is a very small sample of what it's like inside of my brain, on any given day. Hope I didn't make your head spin.. he he Peace Out! SLH more thought. GOtta write Cathy Jones. Cath..if you read this..YES!! I WANT A PLAYDATE!! I HAVE SO MUCH TO SHARE WITH YOU!!! I WILL WRITE YOU SOON! WHEN I CAN..FRIEND! : )

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