Thursday, January 03, 2008

Under the Covers

Ahhhhhhh. Today is Thursday, January 3rd. It's 1:07 pm and... I just woke up!! *stretch* *yawn* My smile is so big right now. It's the girls first day back to school since before Christmas. It's the first Thursday that I don't have to work in about 9 months. It's my first day alone in a really long time!! Now...can you see why I'm smiling? I'm buried under my covers, with my lap top on my lap...I have no where I have to be..nothing that needs done that can't wait until later.. *sigh* It is the SIMPLE things in life that bring such wonderful pleasure!
Do you ever get to sleep in until afternoon on a cold winter's day? I think you should try it. : )

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

A Fresh Start!

Hey Everyone!
I'm so glad you stopped by to see me. It's 2008 and I'm back in the blogging world!
One of my resolutions this year, was to take the time to keep more in touch with my family and friends. Perhaps you've noticed that I've been very, very quiet these past five or six months!! I've needed to take some time to take care of myself physically and spiritually and emotionally. To put it in a few words, I needed a break!!
For the past two or even close to three years of my life, I've been consumed with trying to get a church planted in my home town of New Castle. I worked very hard to try to make this vision that God put in my heart, a reality, but it just wouldn't come together. I have complete faith in Christ to know that if God wants this church planted he could make it happen with a quick little exhale of breath, so I have to continue on, doing the best that I can do, but also surrendering my will, to let God be in control..not me! : ) I still have the same passion and fire for God and for the people of New Castle, but I feel much more patient now to let God be in charge, and let it be His timing!
These past six months, I've taken care of myself physically. I've lost 70 lbs so far!!! WOOHHOOOO!! (I've enclosed a picture in this email, that Joe took of us New Years you can see the difference in me!) I also spent a lot of family time with Joe and the girls, and we have a very strong committed relationship! This is my foundation, and I can now say it is much stronger then it was 6 months ago!!
My nutritionist (of all people!?!?!) taught me something about myself in 2007. She said, "Susan, with you, it's all or nothing." She was talking about my eating habits, but I realized I'm that way with most everything in my life. I put EVERYTHING into ONE thing..but the all of the other areas of my life suffer. Not Healthy! : ) I put everything I had into my relationship with Christ, but let my other relationships suffer. Not Healthy! : )
Well..I think you can get the gist of what I'm saying... LIfe is such a journey..we live and we learn. We are all so imperfect, aren't we? We mess up..hopefully we learn from our mistakes and didn't do too much damage while we were messing up. God is good. He continues to love us and forgive us, in spite of us!
This year I want to work on my relationships, and I am blessed beyond any of these simple words, with people in my life who love and care about me! I love YOU all immensely my friends and family. Please forgive me if I've caused you any hurt. Please continue to hang in there with me. Please don't think I don't care about you..I do. I needed time heal! I feel much better now, physically, emotionally and now I need to still work on healing spiritually. If you can, would you please take a moment to pray for me. Ask the Lord to help me be less selfish. He knows what I mean..He knows me! : ) Thanks friends and family!!! As I said before I love you so much, probably more than you know! I am grateful for all of my blessings..which are all of YOU!!! I hope you have a fantastic 2008!
Peace out! Susan