Saturday, July 14, 2007

Marting Luther King..was he a modern day Moses?

This picture reminds me of Moses leading his people towards the promised land.
I love mornings. I love waking up before anybody else. The sun is pouring through my window. The only noise I hear, is the noise of birds chatting to each other. What do you think they talk about? "HEY Robin, found a big fat worm over here." "Thank you Jay, everyone else is in this yard, so I'm staying here. You know what they say about birds of a feather..." Bird Talk
We were very busy at work yesterday. God is blessing our Business. Thank you Lord. You are such a loving Provider to us.
Karen called yesterday and left a message on my phone. JOy is doing much better! Yeah Joy!! THey might be home now!!
We visited Joe's dad in the hospital last night. He's breathing better, but he's not going to get any better. His breathing will just get worse.
God sent us an "angel" last night to comfort us and talk to us. I am welling up, just thinking about it. Jesus, you know us so well. You know what we need. ONce again Jesus, thank you so much for being a loving provider to us. We KNOW that angel was sent by you.
She was one of the nurses taking care of Joe's Dad. Joe's dad is a very ornary man. He curses a lot. And he gets mad at people... you just have to know him.
But this nurse came into his room last night, and he started cursing about his oxygen tube, and she didn't let him "bite her". She "bit him" right back. She threw it right back at him. He LOVES that!! He likes to argue. He likes someone that will stand up to him and she did. She didnt let him get to her.
So anyway..I followed her out in the hall last night. I told her our situation. She had been in the same situation as us with her dad. He was an ornary old man, who was very ill. She was his only care taker. She had a family, and children.
He made bad decisions and she was the one that had to pay for it.
She told us not to ever feel guilty. THat Joe's dad is of sound mind, and he's making these choices himself, so he'll pay the consequences for them. There's nothing we can do about that. He doesn't want to go into a nursing home, or assisted living place..that's his decision. She also told us to call Social services and talk to them about the situation. She told us many other things to help
We have been trying to get someone to give us guide us..we've never been in this situation before, and Thank you Lord, we finally found a wonderful nurse to help us, with the name of Kristen.
After visiting JOe's dad, we stopped at Panera Bread in Hermitage. (You know I'm smiling..I LOVE Panera bread!!) The girls got soup and salad, JOe got a veggie sandwich and I got my usual Roast Beef on Asiago bread and broccoli cheese soup.
We were able to wind down a little bit..
GOt home after 11 and read some more of Holy Discontent. I'm still feeling "fired up" I still am thinking about Martin Luther King.
After today, I will have three days off of work. I always have a lot of catching up to do, on my days off, but one thing I want to do, is make a list of things I want to do to start serving God more. I'm going to finally sign up for world vision or compassion child..etc. I want to sponsor a child. I can't help All of the starving children, but darn it, I want my Lord to know that I'm going to try. I'm going to feed the poor..I'm going to help the orpans. I want to do more!!!!!!
Tommorow, I'm going to blog about a passage of Holy discontent! It's amazing.
God is Amazing. We are such selfish people. When you really think about it....the things we think about..stress about..all so un important. God is in control. We don't have to worry about our needs, God's promised to provide for them. We need to worry less about us and more about other people.
Gotta get ready for work. I have so much more to talk about. Please keep me in your prayers. God is doing something in my heart. I've felt this before..and I feel it coming again. God is preparing me for something.

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