Tuesday, June 26, 2007

One hour of prayer.

Good Morning! *Stretch* *Yawn* It's a beautiful day here in Pennsylvania. The sun is peeking through my windows. I got up at 7:00 am this morning..and sent some emails out. Now I'm going to take my Bible out to my porch and spend one hour of quiet time with God. I will start off by praying. I have lots to talk to God about. When you pray, do you talk to God or do you just ask Him for things? God wants to hear our requests but He also wants us to listen to Him He wants us to have a relationship with Him..to talk to Him like you would your best friend! Have you ever read EXPERIENCING GOD? It's a great book to read that helps you realize that God is always at work around you!! Then I will read God's word.
I have read through the Bible completely one time. I didn't just read it..I studied it!! Next to asking Christ to come live into my heart, it has been the best thing I've ever done!! Reading the Bible helps you to understand the meaning of life.
Why are you here? How'd you get here? It's our history!! It's our manual for living! There's so much wisdom and knowledge in the Bible. ANYTHING you need to know about life...ANYTHING..all the answers are there!!!!
Reading the Bible and praying..they are disciplines! It's not easy..it's strange that it's not easy to do..but it's not. You've got to make it a habit. You make yourself get up in the morning, or in the evening or at night to read and pray. Once you do, you'll be so glad. YOUR whole life will change!! You will make God so happy and proud of you too!! He is the only person in this world you need to worry about making happy and proud!! Okay..I've got to go and spend some time with my Father this morning. I hope you have a great day today!! MAKE IT GREAT!! I will pray for YOU that you have the desire to pray and read God's word today!! SLH

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