Friday, June 15, 2007


Friday?? What happened to Thursday? Where'd it go?? Life is going by too quickly..please help slow it down!! *pant* *pant* Breathing quickly.. I don't have time to blog...I must get to work.. Lauren's coming with me today, Ally worked the past two days.. Lauren will be hanging out with three friends.. I have great news about our church plant..meeting three friends tonight for girl talk..Joe and I have had some great evenings together...we're going to a Pirate game for father's day!!! house needs cleaned!!....My pool is still freezing...My brother in law is turning 40 this weekend (Happy birthday ROB!!!)...My brother just wrote me and told me how proud he is of me.. (smile) (That made my day!!).. Awww, God is good. No.. God is great..God is so much more than that!! Jesus Rocks! He rocks my world! Let him Rock yours! PEACE OUT! More later..when I have time..maybe tonight?? Susa

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KJ said...

You are AMAZING! Gotta love ya! I too am very proud of you. You have stayed the course...persevered...there's no conceiving of what's to come...except more of our great and awesome God...and seeing results of His tremendous power!