Saturday, June 09, 2007

Perry Noble on Prayer

Most of you who know me, know that I talk about Perry Noble ALOT! He is a pastor whom I admire so much. If I lived in Anderson, South Carolina, I would definitely serve at New Spring Community Church, where Perry Noble is the founder and pastor! I listen to his sermons each week online. He inspires me so much! He speaks God's word in such a contemporary way, that it's so easy to understand. He puts his sermons online each week, to listen to, or even watch on a video podcast. I invite you to listen or watch last weeks sermon on Prayer. I love when he says something like this..I'm going to teach you about prayer but I'm just going to tell you what the Bible says, cuz that's how I learn about everything, from listening to what Jesus says..I figure, nobody else has risen from the dead like He has, so He must be something incredible!!" haha! You see, some people, even Christians, they don't know how to pray. I didn't when I was young. My mom and dad told me to pray..but they never showed me how to pray. I didn't know what prayer was!! Prayer is a conversation with God. It's not just asking for God for something..that's not all it is. Prayer is having a relationship with God. I love when Perry says ..would you call it a relationship if your spouse, if you just talked to him for about 15 seconds, five or six times a day, and maybe five minutes at bedtime, asking him for stuff? No...that's not having a conversation..that is not building a relationship. God wants us to spend time with him.. talking to him..reading His word..trusting Himn..Loving Him..Doing things for and with Him..being His body here on Earth... That's how we love God..that's how we have a relationship with Jesus Christ!!
Here is the link..from there, just click on audio or video! If you don't want to listen to the worship music, just move your curser to about 15 minutes. Enjoy! Be Inspired!Perry Noble

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