Tuesday, June 19, 2007


The commercial below inspires me!!
I want the background of the video on something..
on my walls, on my clothes!!
When are clothes going to have moving images on them?
Why aren't all billboards big video monitors?
I want my bedroom painted with that background!!!
Why are cars mostly all solid colors?
Why don't we see hot pink colored cars?
I watched Legally Blond for the first time last night...
I dress like El Wood! Okay let me clarify that...I don't wear sexy clothes..but I do wear a lot of bright clothes..hot pinks..and turquoise blues...
Why doesn't everyone? Why look dull? Let's brighten up the world!! More color!!
More Music! More Happiness!! More JOY!!! Yeah.....
I'm smiling : ) I love life!!!!!
It's Tuesday...I'm off to work. I work every day this week except Sunday!
I don't know why..but I'm happy about this!! I feel like working hard! I have energy! I have joy! I feel full of life! Holy Spirit inside of me...is excited : )
I have great news coming soon.............
Have a great day! Susan

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