Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Freedom Community Church! The more I dream about it..the more excited I get. Jamie Woodall is going to be our pastor! He and his wife Kris are from Michigan..they are moving here in January 2008! They are AWESOME people!! Jamie is going to make a great pastor of Freedom Community Church! (haha I just love to say it out loud!) I can't wait to show you his picture of what he visions the church to look like. A sports bar..a coffee house..giant media screens.. David Crowder..Chris Tomlin..Tree 63 playing up on the screens.. the house will be ROCKIN for Jesus!!! Oh, dudes I am so excited : ) I am so priveledged beyond words to be a part of this church plant! We are going to show New Castle Jesus in a whole new way!!!!!!! Oh..you just wait : ) You're going to want to come to our church...... I know you will! : )
ROCK ON!! FREEDOM WRITER ( my new pen name!)

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