Friday, June 22, 2007

Moving Forward

Do you ever feel like your life is moving forward very quickly and you are just hanging on, unable to stop it or at least slow it down? That's how I feel right now! I need to stop time..just for a few days and get focused and organized! I have so many mental files open, and I need to take each one and deal with it, then close it up. Right now...the whole dang cabinet is open and my files are a mess!!
I am working so much at the restaurant. We are lacking help, so I've had to work much more than I want too. Of course because I am co-owner of the restaurant it's not just doing your job and then going home and forgetting about it! I am a waitress, and a manager, and a hostess and a mother (Ally's been working at the restaurant with us!... Lauren is coming in today.) So it's a lot of mental stress..who's going to work this week? Who needs off? Nobody is cleaning the restaurant! The high chairs were dirty! THe new waitress I hired has caused people to walk out of my restaurant..I'm trying to handle waitressing my own tables, and I've got to watch out for hers too.. : ( *aye carumba* It's just too much at times. You just wake up and do what you gotta know it's not going to be easy, but you handle it! That's how it is at work right now..
It is tough!
Joe and I don't do enough business or make enough money to allow us to be just managers or owners...we are workers also. This is way too stressful. You can't be both! We know this yet we continue to let this happen. Why? Our restaurant runs on high caffeine... That's what it's like at lunch time.. you RUN..there's nothing leisure about's very high energy..but you make people feel like they're relaxing.. Maybe you have to be in the restaurant business to understand..
So anyway...I'm working for right now.. A lot! It's hard to concentrate on anything else. When I come home, I clean laundry..take care of home business etc.. and then I try so hard to spend the time I am at home with my daughters and husband..then before I know's bedtime and morning comes so quickly..then we start all over again!
I don't mind a matter of fact..I love being busy..I am definitely a high energy person..I am very fast paced, so I thrive in that kind of environment...but I definitely need time to come down and unwind! I need a few days off with nothing to do!
Great News!!
I finished my last physical test before I meet with the gastric bypass surgeon!!! My heart is fine! My brain is fine! My lungs are fine! I'm in good shape for being so overweight!!!!!! I should be getting a call from the surgeon's office any day now, to set up an appointment for the surgery! Please continue to pray for me, because this is a life changing operation!
Also... Are you ready for this news?? Are you sure? Here it comes!!.. We found a Pastor for our church plant!!!!! His name is Jamie Woodall and he and his wife Kris, and their three (soon to be four) children will be moving to New Castle, from Michigan in January of 2008!!! We are in communications, starting to put together the logo and branding and the core values of FREEDOM COMMUNITY CHURCH!!!
WE CHANGED OUR NAME!!!! Jamie is going to be the lead church planter for Freedom Community Church, and he has chosen the name, and I love it!!!
All the prayers...all the hard work..all the determination..not giving up..trusting God..being faithful and obedient..letting HIM control the outcome..just following Him and believing in the Vision that he placed upon my heart... wow... I can't wait to take this next step!! GOD ROCKS!!!
You can imagine, that I have so much more to say about this..there are so many emotions running around inside of's definitely a mental and emotional file that is wide open and I need time to think and pray and embrace it all. I will find that time. I know that God has been preparing my heart for this all to take place!
I have so much more to blog many things happening...Perhaps I will come on tonight and spend some time organizing my thoughts and sharing them with you.
For now.. this is all.
Peace out! With Christ's amazing and neverending love, Susan

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