Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Hey ya'll! What's shakin'? Joe and I just got home from a chamber of commerce seminar on small businesses. zzzzzz... : ) We thought it would be informative, and I suppose it was, but not for our kind of business. We slipped out the backdoor as soon as we got the chance. Oh well, I do love belonging to the chamber of commerce, and it is great to network with other business leaders in my community! I'm just getting reay to go to work today. Tuesday is normally my day off, but we had a waitress quit, and now I'm doing double duty. We are seriously lacking help at the restaurant, so if you know of anybody who needs a job..we need workers!!!
I'm not worried though..I feel Peace.. My GOD will see us through! He Rocks! He's in Charge!! He is AMAZING!!!!! I love follwing Him!!! No need to worry, when Jesus Christ is your leader! He carries your burdens..so you don't have to!
Why don't you try Him and see! You've got problems? Surrender them to God. Give them over to Him..Let Him carry that heavy weight that you've been carrying around for so long now!!! Ahhhh, it makes you feel so much lighter...free!!!!
hahah NOthing to worry about....Cuz God is in Charge!! I love you all! Susan

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