Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Holy Discontent

The tendency for most of us when we encounter stuff that creates disease and frustration in our souls is to push it away. And fast! We feel the discomfort of holy discontentedness coming on, and reflexively we want to medicate it. We want to recoil in disgust at the dreadful realities surrounding us. We want to head to Blockbuster to rent another movie just to stay distanced from it. But the truth is this: the best thing you can do is to move toward your area of holy discontent until you have clear direction from God as to what action you should take to resolve it. For example, if the plight of the poor becomes your holy discontent, then increase your exposure to the poor. I'm serious here: Move toward the poor, not away from them. (Bill Hybels: Holy Disontent)

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