Sunday, June 24, 2007

I'm having a special dinner tonight...

Joe and I both had the day off today! We, along with our girls,spent the late morning/early afternoon by the pool (ALL FOUR OF US!!!..the first time this year!)..listening to music, soaking up the sun, and splashing in the COOL water!! Oh...Life is beautiful.
We worked 12 hours yesterday. We had 400 guests eat at our restaurant! I served 175 of them!! feet were tired last night! We got home last night at 11:00 pm, played a little guitar hero with Lauren and went straight to bed!!
Today..we are all relaxing!
Just now,Joe took the girls to the grocery store, to buy the ingredients for dinner tonight. We haven't had a home cooked Roast Beef dinner in a long time, so tonight I am cookin!!!! My girls are so excited. We ALL cherish family days, when we can be together. This is the kind of day, where I'll set the table with our "fancy" dishes and the "good" silverware and the crystal glasses! I will pick some flowers for the centerpiece and light some candles.
I'm having very special guests for dinner tonight...the most important people in my life.. My family!
I hope YOU are having a great day today too! I hope you are able to surround yourself with people who love you. I hope you're able to show love to someone today! If you're feeling lonely...invite someone to dinner. Set the table with your "fancy" dishes. Make something special to eat. You're not going to get love unless you give love! The more you give..the more you will receive!! Those are true words!!
So GO LOVE SOMEONE Today!!!! Susan L. Hougelman

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