Sunday, March 18, 2007


Joe and I went with Al and Cindy to dinner and a movie Saturday night. We saw 300! I think you'll be surprised at my review. First of all, and some of you might roll your eyes at this, others understand.. but I usually don't see R rated films. I can't stand cursing, and violence, and sexual impurity causes me to have impure thoughts, which is something that I definitely don't want to have...BUT, Joe really wanted to see this movie, and he didn't want to be a third wheel with Al and Cindy, so I went.
There was a lot of violence, I don't think there was any cursing, and a few quick nude shots (I closed my eyes) I DID!!!! HONEST!!!! I'm a nerd..I know..I am...!! I really just strive to have a clean and pure heart. I don't want it polluted!
SO back to the movie.... it was okay..the reviews have been's been the number one movie for two weeks..but Joe and I both thought it was just okay.
BUT..I really felt stirred by the movie! Do you want to know what stirred me? I loved seeing those men,who were so strong and courageous be so willing to give up their life for their cause. They were WARRIORS!! They were proud to die for their freedom, for their King!"WE ARE SPARTANS!" was their battle cry.
How many Christian men are warriors today? How many Christians are willing to die for their King, Jesus Christ? Are we warriors? Are we loud and brave and courageous? It seems to me like we are losing our freedoms in this country. Who is willing to stand up and fight? What has become of us? We are allowing gay marriages to be legal! Where are our warriors? We are allowing our freedoms to be taken away! Where are our warriors? We are allowing them to take prayer out of school? Where are our warriors? We are allowing millions and millions of unborn children to be killed? Where are our warriors? We are allowing thousands and thousands of people each day to die of starvation, when we have so much? Where are our warriors?
Our King must be so disappointed in us. He's asking, who will follow me? Who will fight for me? Who will die for me? Where are MY warriors?

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Joe Hougelman said...

ummmm i closed my eyes too.