Thursday, March 08, 2007

The flu

It's got me..that nasty flu bug.. But it will not bring me down. There's just too much to do!! Don't worry, I'm getting some rest, drinking tea, and eating toast. Tea and Toast.. that's traditional sick food. Do you have tea and toast when you are sick? My mom used to get us ginger ale when we were sick..gingerale, peanutbutter toast and cut-outs! Cut-outs? Yes!! Do you remember, when you were a little girl (If you were a little girl!) loving cut-outs or paper dolls? Laying on the couch, carefully punching out paper barbie outfits and dressing the thin as paper (because she was paper!! hehe) barbie doll. Mine always ripped. No matter how careful I tried to be. I'm still like that today. I don't have a lot of patience to do things like knit, or crochet, or paint in the lines..ack.. That's just not me. I like to paint outside the lines!!!
SO what kind of things did your mom do for you when you were sick? Did you get to drink gingerale? Eat popsicles? Play with paper dolls?
Being sick brings back warm memories, and that makes me feel better : )

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