Thursday, March 01, 2007


Ladies and Gentleman,
I'd like to introduce to you a new product that is being put on the market today.
Do you like to smell good?
Do you like to get clean?
Do you like to bathe your skin in exhilerating essential oils?
How would you like to tingle?
Tingle? Yes TINGLE!
This product will make you tingle! Drum roll please....
INTRODUCING.. VOLANT HAND MADE SOAP!! (Audience gasps and applauses wildly)

Joe is now in the soapmaking business. He made the soap from scratch. It's Incredible! The peppermint soap really is exhilerating. It wakes you up! He also designed and made the wrapping for his soap. On the back of the label, it lists the ingredients, and then it says, "This soap is not tested on Animals, but it has been tested on family members" That is the truth. It took him a couple of tries to get the soap with just the right lather, scent, hardness...etc...
Wanna guess the name of his "company" that is making and distributing the soap?
Here is his logo!

It's Baldman Soaps! hahaha
So, if you're in the Volant area, stop in and pick up a bar. $2.75 or 2 for $5.00
Or you can order directly from Joe.

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