Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The Discovery Channel documentary slams Christianity

According to the Discovery Channel's documentary "The Lost Tomb of Jesus" airing Sunday, March 4, the bones of Jesus-- buried with His family -- have been found. In addition, the documentary says that Mary Magdalene and Jesus might have had a son named Judah.

Here is what The Discovery Channel says about the program and the Christian faith: "All leading epigraphers agree about the inscriptions. All archaeologists confirm the nature of the find. It comes down to a matter of statistics. A statistical study commissioned by the broadcasters (Discovery Channel/Vision Canada/C4 UK) concludes that the probability factor is 600 to 1 in favor of this tomb being the tomb of Jesus of Nazareth and his family."

Having watched how Hollywood portrays Christians and Christian values for the past 30 years, it is clear that Hollywood considers Christianity its greatest enemy. Because of our silence, Christianity is the only religion they feel free to attack!
Read 'Lost Tomb of Jesus' tries to turn 'fiction into believability,' minister warns.

It is time for Christians to send a message to The Discovery Channel and Hollywood that enough is enough! Don't stay silent while The Discovery Channel and Hollywood continually attack our faith and our values.

The documentary was produced by James Cameron, whose claim to fame is directing the movie "The Titanic." Saying that Cameron is qualified to make a documentary on Jesus is like saying Hugh Hefner is qualified to make a documentary on abstinence before marriage!

Forward this to your friends and family. Urge them to get involved and send a message to The Discovery Channel and Hollywood.

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Mark Eberly said...

Interesting fabrication... The information that I have seen suggests that the archeological findings are majorly suspect because the integrity of the "dig" has been violated numerous times. Did you check out the pictures of the concrete slab that was placed over the tomb? Concrete?!?!