Thursday, February 22, 2007

Spreading the love..

God is amazing! I feel as though my heart is filled up with joy. It's overflowing..I want to share that joy with you! God has provided me with so much love that comes through the Holy Spirit and also comes through friends, and acquaintances. God is ALWAYS with you. ALWAYS! You may be far away from God sometimes, but that's YOU pushing HIM away. All you do is have to call His name, and I promise you He is right there with you.
This whole week has been wonderful, in so many different ways. I'll start with Monday..
As I wrote before, I had my nutritionist's appointment on Monday. My nutritionist's name is Linda. She's probably in her late 40's. I don't know a whole lot about her, but I know she's a Vegan, vegetarian. She weaves and makes her own soap. She likes collecting antiques. She's married with no children. She's a self proclaimed hermit. She's very, very nice.
On Monday, I was feeling a little bit emotional about not being able to stick to a diet. I started to cry a little bit and Linda said this to me,
"Susan, there is so much more to you, than your weight" She said, "I've never said this to anyone before, but I kind of envy you" You have such a beautiful personality. You're so friendly and happy..and well, you seem to just shine! I talk about you, to my husband. I think about you, and look forward to your next appointment. There is just something "different" about you!"
Well, I know what she means,because I do have something special about me, it's not me though, it's GOD inside of me, and it is HIS light that shines from me!That's what people see! So I told her about Jesus, and it just so happens that I had also brought a Christian book and read her a passage from it. She was very receptive!
Well guess what? Today, she called me, and she told me about a patient that came in after me who also happened to have a CHRISTIAN BOOK, and read her a passage from it!!!! GOD!!! YOU ARE AMAZING!! I Can't say it enough!! So she heard my testimony, and the other patient's testimony. Later that day, Linda told me on the phone, two different women that work at the hospital were having some life problems, and Linda was able to talk about me, and the passage of the book I read to her, (Which is the same passage I posted on here a few days ago). So she called, to tell me all of that. I feel God's call... to start witnessing again... Oh, I'm getting so hungry to share God's love!! I know it's what He's called me for!
Yesterday, Brenda and I met for coffee. Brenda is the kind of friend that keeps you on the straight and narrow. She holds you accountable and doesn't let you make excuses. She's the kind of friend I can count on to tell me the truth, even if it hurts. She has such passion and also shares a very similar call from God, that I have. We both know that God is using us in a very powerful way! She loves the Lord so much! Brenda is an incredible wife and mother as well as follower of Christ. She doesn't have any clue how wonderful she is, and how PROUD Jesus is of her. She is a woman after God's own heart, and I mean that sincerely.
So Brenda and I had coffee together yesterday, and we decided that we were going to do two things together. We're going to continue holding small groups. We are also going to join some kind of organization or community group together. We make a great team for Jesus! We want to continue doing what God has called us to do..we both feel that hunger..ache..that burden! *So if you're interested in joining a GREAT bunch of women who love laughing and loving and learning together, we are going to meet on Wednesday nights at 6:30 at the Harlans. Call me if you need directions. Everyone is welcome!!
Today, I took Ally to the dentist for a teeth cleaning. Ally asked me to come and sit with her, so I did. The hygienist,whom I've never talked to before, and I began a conversation. Her name is Tammy and I think she is about my age. She has a 20 year old daughter and a 1 year old daughter. Yup...ONE YEAR OLD! She was just diagnosed with cancer of the pancreas and there's a large tumor on her liver. They don't even know yet how they will treat it. She has no health insurance. I asked her if she had any supportive people in her life. Her parents are both dead, but she has her daughter and her husband who lives in Ohio. *They don't live together, because she doesn't want to move, and he doesn't either* (No judgements from me)..
But she started to tear up as she was telling me this, so I started witnessing to her. She said two other people that come in the dentist's office have told her the same thing (God is in control and God will take care of her) She said that her husband is not saved and maybe this will be a witness to him.
I am going to send her a card tomorrow and just tell her that I'm praying for her. Please pray for Tammy right you read this. If you put it off, you might forget. Thanks.
So God is moving me once again. SPREADING THE LOVE,

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