Saturday, February 24, 2007

Some great thoughts!

I enjoy reading blogs from pastors and other Christian leaders. One of my favorites is Tony Morgan. He is such a creative and innovative leader, a great family guy, and Christ follower! Yesterday he posted some quotes from Bishop TD Jakes who is a Pastor of the Potter's house. (I love that name!)
TD JAKES was one of the speakers at a Christian Leaders Conference called The creative pastors conference. (Someday, If God allows, I will be there!!) THese are some quotes from TD.
He opened by saying leaders are the "gateway to the next move of God."
Exodus 4:1-12 > He focused in on the "can't do this" part.
"We get too much direction from men and not enough from God."
If you think you're a great preacher, you are not. If you think you're a great leader, you are not.
"You're attitude determines your altitude."
Every preacher is not a leader. Effective leadership moves a group of people from one location to another location. "We serve a moving God. He's not a statue."
God is moving you. The people are moving with you. We're not always teaching, but we are always learning.
God is our source. We need alone moments with God. We need to discover our own DNA. Through alone time with God, we are uniquely crafted. There will never be another you.
When you find your original self, you'll find your calling and purpose. God is our source.
God draws out of us who we really are. Only God knows what he had in mind when he called us. He has fully equipped us with everything we need to accomplish everything we need to do.
God puts people in your life to draw out of you want he needs from you.
"You cannot be a leader without trouble. It's not your job to be popular. Your not a politician--you're God's man."
What are the uniquenesses of your ministry? We want to be like everyone else. We need to add to what they do not duplicate what they do. We all teach the Gospel. "What is the unique voice God put into you?"
What is your brand? Your ministry is the same, but your focus is different. "You need one vision and not division." What's your focus? Everyone needs to know it.
Deut. 34:9-12 > The vision should flow throughout your ministry without being diluted (weakened) or polluted (added to).
Just like the McDonald's franchise.... "If I'm going to do it in their name, I need to do it their way."
Watch out for people that come to "help you" with their agenda. They have to buy into the franchise.
Have you discovered what is at your disposal? God asked Moses, "What is that in your hand?"
If you don't stretch them, you will lose them. Don't hire anyone on your "staff" that is unwilling to be stretched.
Don't hire anyone that can only do one thing. You need people that can transform. "What else can you do?" There's more than one gift in you. There's an omnipotent God in you.
Jesus poured himself into 12--not into the 5,000. Find your 12.
More importantly, you need someone to lean on. "If you're in this room, you're here so your pastor can lean on you."
Why does God ask us to do what we feel incapable of doing? Why have you asked me to work in my area of greatest limitation? God wants us to lean on him. Humble yourself. When we admit, "I cannot do this without God," then God anoints you.
God is getting ready to do incredible things in your life. You should be excited. And you should be intimidated. Where do you stutter?

WOW!! I am inspired! So what do you think? Do any of these inspire you?

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