Friday, March 02, 2007

Lovin' Life

It's early morning as I write this blog post and the smile is so HUGE inside of my heart that it's moved to my lips, and I'm sitting in the darkness of my bedroom (shhhh, Joe's still sleeping) smiling. I am so happy to be alive! Each day is another day to experience sunshine, to breathe in the cold brisk air, to tell my girls how awesome they are and know that it's going right to their hearts and causing them to feel love for themselves, to hug the man I love and tell him how grateful I am that he works so hard for his family, to have my cat wait for me at the door, when I come home from taking the girls to school, to send a "good morning sunshine" email to my best friend, and know I'm causing her to smile,to turn on my ipod and sing some praises to my Father in Heaven.. OH Life is SO GOOD! I love. I love what? It doesn't matter.. I just Love. I love life! I feel so extremely blessed to live. How are you feeling this morning? Do you have any complaints? Any burdens you are feeling? We all have burdens! Lay them at the feet of the Lord. GO ahead..drop them..there's no need to carry them. Honestly. I'm not lying to you. God will take care of you and He will carry your burdens for you! Just ask him too but you've got to put them down..How? I'll show you something that works for me.
I like to visualize things. Do you know what that means? It means that I make a mental image of things. I take what's worrying me, and In my mind, I put it into a burlap sack that I'm carrying on my back..and sometimes that sack is so heavy, and it causes me to bend over and barely be able to carry's so hard to go through life with that pack on your back, so you've got to lay it've got to get rid of it, because you don't want to struggle through life, you want to be light on your feet. Don't you want to dance through life? To have such Joy and be light hearted that you can't help but to dance? Then put your burdens in that sack and set it down at the cross of Jesus. Go ahead..visualize that in your mind. Put all of your worries and burdens that you carry in a burlap sack and in your mind, see your self carry it and lay it down at Jesus's feet. He died for you. He died, so he can carry those sins, those worries, those burdens, those weights for you. He wants them, He really does. So lay them down. There's no need to worry. Take each day as it comes..consider it a gift..and you will be free. FREE!!!!! It feels so good to be free. You know what being free does? It makes your heart smile. It makes your heart smile so big that it will spread to your lips..and then, when it spreads to your lips, it is contagious, and it causes other people to smile!
Life is good, if you choose it to be! I love you. I do. I love. Susan

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