Monday, March 05, 2007

Happy Monday!

Hello dear readers!
The weather today is dreary and cold. The Sun is hiding behind a blanket of clouds. Let God's light shine down on you wrapping you in His warm love today! God's love is like that. Like snuggling up in a soft heated blanket. It makes you feel good all over! Don't believe me? Try it.. ask God to put some sunshine in your heart. : ) Feelin' better?
For about three years now, God has been drawing me closer and closer to Him. He's been pouring vision into my heart and, well God and I, we have a great relationship. It's not all smooth, there are times when things are going so well in my life, that I tend to get angry at Him, or push Him away,or get confused, but, do you know what? He always forgives me, when I ask Him too. God knows me. God knows you too. Even if you don't know Him..He knows you! He knows you better than anyone else does. He knows your every thought. He even knows how many hairs are on your head!!He knows everything about you! He really does! And.. HE still loves us!! Isn't that crazy! Even though We mess up, and make mistakes again and again, God still loves us! Sometimes I get so afraid that I've pushed Him away..But you can never push God away. He loves you so much, that He will forgive you, every time!!! WOW! God Rocks!!
I hope you know how loved you are. I hope you feel His warmth today! Let it wash over you. PEACE AND LOVE, Susan

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