Wednesday, May 02, 2007

new batteries..

I can't believe I haven't blogged in almost a week! All I can say is my life has been crazy these past few weeks. I have not had enough time in the day to accomplish all that has needed to be accomplished. I am a wife and a mother and my husband and children have needed me a lot these past few weeks. My husband's father is elderly and not doing well, and my husband is his primary caretaker. So Joe has had to readjust his schedule to helping take care of his dad. Our restaurant is going through a transitioning Joe has had to put a lot of extra time into the restaurant and I dunno..he's just been having a rough time.
The incident with Ally's boyfriend and former boyfriend has been a struggle.
We took away Lauren's computer time from her, because she was so addicted to the computer that she couldn't do anything else.. It was seriously like a drug to her. She went through withdraw. She cried and whined and had because she wasn't on the computer, she was with me crying and whining etc... I handled it though. We are much better off now, then a week ago. She is back on the computer but for two hours a day instead of all day!
We have been playing games and spending time outside together etc... a lot more than usual. That's a good thing : ) Our family often seperates when we're all home together and we all do our own thing. Too much individualism and not enough family togetherness.
Also.. I am in the process of joining our church plant with Solid Rock Church to birth a "new" church. That has kept me very busy.
I am a wife..a mother..a follower of Christ..(I am such a Jesus FREAK!!!)..a restaurant owner...a church planter... And I'm tired : ) I need a rest. I need something fun and relaxing. I need a little retreat. I need my batteries re-energized. Any suggestions?

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