Monday, May 28, 2007


It's 8:30 am, on Memorial day and I am sitting here on the couch writhing in pain. I've had some kind of tooth infection or sinus infection or possibly TMJ, for about three weeks now, and nobody can figure out where the pain is coming from.(I've done two rounds of if it was sinus, I think that would have cleared it up!!
I have to go back to the dentist tommorow,(for the third time!) and if he can't do anything, I'll go to the doctors for the third time!!! :( I'm seriously in agony. I couldn't sleep last night : ( It hurts so bad.. my whole right side of my face is throbbing. My eye, ear, jaw, roof of my mouth,teeth and cheek...all throbbing. THe dentist gave me pain medication but it's no longer helping...
I want relief!!! Please Lord, give me relief. Please. Let me be able to go back to sleep. I have to work today. I need relief and sleep.
Please friends, if you're reading this..pray for me.

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