Friday, May 25, 2007

Peace, Love and Chicken wings..

Maybe it is the peace that I feel after spending a lot of time with God these past ten days..Perhaps it's the love that once again has filled up inside of me and now spills over..or just's the chicken wings that Joe brought home tonight from the restaurant...
Whatever the reason, I'm back : ) Ahhh, some of you missed me! You've emailed me and told me so! Some of you have called and others have seen me and told me to start blogging again! Thanks for missing me.. I've missed you too! : )
I've missed pouring myself out..
I'm in a different place then I was ten days ago. I needed time away. I needed to sort out emotions. I needed to make decisions. I needed to spend some time with God.
There is so much on my mind, I truly do not know where to begin.
Let's start with American Idol. It was Jordin!! She was the winner! They are all winners really...their lives will never be the same. Anyone catch them on Larry King tonight? Nice to see other sides of the contestants. It was a good show.
My girls are doing good. Lauren is going to be recognized at an awards ceremony at her school next Thursday. We don't know what for, exactly, but probably for getting straight a's this year!! WOOOHOOOO GO LAUREN!
Ally has been having a lot of fun with her friends and got to go to Kennywood with her class, and she had a blast!!
She has also been working at the restaurant with me this year, and is a great worker!! I'm really proud of her. I'm proud of both my girls!
Joe has been really busy at the restaurant, trying to improve our business. He also has been asked to make soap for the Green Supreme company!! They ordered 75 bars to take to a convention with them!! GO JOE!!!! He is really excited about that. He's also been enjoying planting flowers around the house!! I can appreciate that : )
And what's been going on with me....
I've had a horrible sinus infection and some kind of tooth infection, that my doctors and dentist can't locate : ( I've been in pain!
I met with a church planter from Michigan and his wife who may feel called to come to New Castle!
I talked with Tim and Sue Klein about Solid Rock!
I've been having some great convos with my sister Dianna.
I've been spending lots of time with my family!
I've been missing my friends.
I've been reading my Bible
I had a great dinner with my mom and my brother and his fiance'!!
I haven't been reading many books..(JUST ONE!!!!)
I haven't really watched tv
I haven't gone anywhere or done anything fun.
Had a few power lunches.
I've neglected some relationships.
I've listened to some great podcast sermons online!
I haven't watched any movies.
I've been working a lot more lately at the restaurant.
A Day in the life for me...
Has been a day that I'm contemplating..seeking God..wondering..

Two paths..
Two choices..
Which way do I go?
Peace, Love and Chicken wings.. Susan : )

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