Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Give God's love away..it will come back to you!

Thanks for your prayers regarding my pain.. I have an appointment with the dentist this afternoon, and an appointment with an ear, nose, throat specialist tommorow morning. I'm still in pain, but it comes and goes. When it's throbbing..it's almost unbearable, but when it is calm, I can function normally. I want relief, desperately. I have been taking so much motrin, my stomach is starting to hurt. The dentist gave me tylenol with codeine but that hasn't done anything.
So... I worked all day yesterday and we were busy!!!! It was a good busy. I was able to deal with the pain. After work Joe and I took my mom and Lauren to Outback Steakouse for dinner and then shopping at Target. (Ally went to Geauga Lake with a friend). I bought a new pair of shades and the book Freedom Writers. I started reading it last night when we got home and I am almost finished! It's very good..very inspiring. I like to be inspired.
I've been working a lot these past few weeks, which has caused me to have extra money!!! WOAH!! I haven't had any extra money in about months. Because I chose not to work for the winter, it was a huge financial struggle, but we made it through!!!!!
So today,I chose to bless someone with some of my extra money!! I can't wait to give this blessing to this certain person. She needs it..and she will be happy! Oh, I do loves showing God's love!!! God's love is so big..so wide..so deep..so ENORMOUS!!
Do you have anything that you could bless somebody with? Could you do something kind for someone..without expecting anything in return? By anything..not even a thank you. Maybe you can give or do something anonymously!! Do it for God!!! Pass His love and blessings on!! EACH and EVERY ONE of us, has something we could do or give ..to pass God's blessing on!! This person, I am passing God's blessing onto...she is right now, fixing up a little house for someone in need, even more than in need then she is! That is what amazes me about her.
She has so little..but she gives so much!!! God loves her heart : ) I love her heart too!
So pass it on. DO SOMETHING.. GIVE SOMETHING!! It will make your heart feel good! It will make your father proud of you!
Please continue to pray for me..that the doctor/dentist can find out what's causing my pain and can relieve it!! Thanks friends!! I hope you have a great week!
With Christ's amazing and neverending love, Susan

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