Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Freedom Writers..

Brenda recommended a movie for me to watch. She told me how inspired the movie made her feel. The movie is called Freedom Writers. It is an amazing movie! It inspired me too. THe movie is about a teacher with an uppperclass background, who is hired to teach a class of under-achievers..the worst of the worst..kids in Long Beach, California. The kids are gang-members, Latinos vs. Hispanics vs. Blacks vs. whites.. They all come from messed up homes, in messed up neighborhoods.
This woman, Erin Grewell, started teaching the kids about tolerance, and loving each other, and most importantly loving and respecting themselves. She gave them dignity. She worked two jobs outside of teaching so she could buy the kids books, and take them out to dinner at nice restaurants..and field trips. They read books that the school wouldn't provide for them..books like Anne Frank, and Night by Ellie Weisel.. They could relate to the characters in these books...
Anyway...it was an excellent movie. I hope it inspires you, like it did me, to make a difference in our world..our community!
This Saturday, Brenda and I working at the food pantry at Solid Rock Church. Do you want to help with us? It's easy..just putting food in people's bags. It is serving. It's just doing something small, but it's doing something for someone else..in need.
Call me and let me know if you'd like to help with us! This Saturday, from 8 am until 10:00 or 11:00 am. Susan

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