Thursday, May 10, 2007

Cross Current News!

It's been almost two years since God put the vision of a new church plant in New Castle in my heart. In those two years, I've dreamed, visioned, imagined, talked about, shared with everyone I've met, made friends, met incredible mentors and leaders, learned so much, gained confidance, developed as a leader, grown as a Christ follower,been humbled, seen lives changed, and Grew so much closer to God!
It hasn't been easy. Many people haven't understood, why I don't just find another church. The answer is because God won't let me feel comfortable doing that. I thought perhaps a sort of marriage between Solid Rock church and Cross Current was the answer, but God is showing me otherwise. I have to admit I'm disappointed. It has made me feel tired. I wanted it to be right, but God will not let my heart be comforted! I do believe though, that we are meant to be at Solid Rock and help them out until our church gets off the ground!! I think we can learn a lot from Tim Klein and the incredible ministry and mission that they do! I love the people there too! They are such good people!! I can't wait to help them grow!! I think they will always have a special place in my heart and perhaps be a sister church to Cross Current!! Remember.. God has ordained this vision. God has guided my every step. I am following God and I believe this is His will for my life. God wants a new church brought to our community. He wants to see many lives changed. He wants New Castle. He wants Lawrence County. I can make a difference in my community! You can too!
I will not be silent and I will not give up. Many people don't know what they're missing because they haven't experienced God. If they only seek Him and Find Him, and ask Him into their hearts, then...ahhhh, then they'd know..they'd realize how foolish they've been. I want to help people be set free. I want to help people find healing. I want to help bring people closer to Christ. OH, I can't wait for the day that I can Baptize someone in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Ghost! I can't wait for the day, that I get to marry two people in love. I can't wait for the day, that I can put on a huge community event, and see children laughing and families having clean, pure fun together! I can't wait for the day that the worship band in my church are so fantastic that people can't help but to stand up and clap their hands!! I can't wait to see people coming up front at my church to accept Christ into their hearts!! I can't wait for the day that a huge group of teenagers with their hearts on fire for God are going to do great things!!
The last two years, there were about 50 kids at the See you at the pole rally @ New Castle High School.. 50 out of about 1000. That's about 5 percent. I can't wait until there are at least 300 students and teachers standing around that pole dedicating their school to Christ all members of Cross Current Church!!
I want to be the church that nobody living in within 10 miles of where we are located, does not know who we are!
I want to make the name of Jesus FAMOUS in New Castle and Lawrence County!
Instead of everyone talking about Gary Felasco, I want the number one topic to be JESUS CHRIST! "Hey, have you seen what Jesus did today?"
I want to see the sick healed, the poor clothed, the hungry fed! I want to see the rich and the poor, the black and the white worshipping under the same roof!
I want to bring hope to New Castle! I want to see the drug dealers GONE!!!!!!
We can do it! We need to take back, what Satan has stolen from us!! We need to get off our butts and take back this community!! Come on.. who is with me? Will you fight with me?? Will you help change our world, one neighborhood at a time??
How can you help?
Cross Current Church has a pastor coming for an interview next weekend. Please Pray DAILY for this man and his family. His name is Jamie. His wife is Kristy . They are from Michigan. I'm going to attach a letter to this blog post, to introduce him to you, and to get you started praying!
Come on..please..pray without ceasing! Help me friends! God hears our prayers..our pleas! I feel this so strongly, that my prayers are turning into pleas. Please God..Please..we need change in our community. We need this church. We need a good leader to help us bring this church here. Please Lord send us a leader. Please help us. Please be with his heart up and mind up to love New Castle, and to want to move here!! Please let his house sell quickly if he is the right man!
Thank you friends!! Here is the letter from Jamie.
Dear friends - You know those times you feel completely desperate for
leading? A Word of wisdom? A clear direction? Kris and I are on our
hands-open there.

For the last 8 months we've been asking God what he wants from our
lives in
the long haul:"Father, how can we use all you've given to us for the
greatest impact for your kingdom glory?". Now convinced that the
weight on
our chest is a holy one we're stepping out. We want to see people
and set free from sin, guilt, shame, fear, anger, worry, drinking,
-you name it - and find life abundant.

We've been to a Church Planting Assessment Center April 17-20, and thru
process have come to believe that He wants us to use all we have to
churches for His kingdom glory!

Will you be a part of our inner circle of prayer warriors?

Things to take to God's throne for us:

We will tell our church May 27
not talk with others at this time. We don't want to injure anyone's
spirit). Our church is doing great. We love our Pastor, leadership
and family here. Our students are dear to us. They need to be part of
process with us and challenged to live missional for Jesus as well.
Pray we
do that well.

Pray that our home sells by August 30th. This is a big deal.

Clear direction on whether or not we go to the Pittsburgh area and be
of a much needed movement of new churches planted. The vision is
set 20 churches by 2020, and over 200 home cell groups missionally
out Jesus together. Check out these websites. (1st
church in this movement), (model we're looking
implimenting + 1/week celebration service- excellent material for
church growth).

Prepray: "God, stir hearts and bring the right church planting team
together: Godly, genuine, passionate, sacrificial, no agendas, same
vision, with a good gift mix. Pour out your resources for us!"

Please respond to this if you're able to be a part of this inner circle
prayer by committing daily to bring us to the Father for the next
I'll update you as we go.

If you have thoughts or counsel for us. You are dear friends and we
there is safety in a multitude of counselors. Set free forever at age 19,

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