Thursday, May 10, 2007

I won!!!!

Okay.. so it's not a vacation, but I love books!!! I'm so excited!
Check this out!!
Greetings, Susan: Congratulations:
You've won Chasing Cool! Every once in a while, while at a watering hole or sitting around the office, I find it mildly entertaining to play "Who's Cooler." You pick two well-known celebrities and ask every one in the vicinity which of the two is cooler, and they just have to pick one. No justifications, no arguments, no reasons - just pick one and move on. Let's try it: Who's cooler - Peter Jennings or George Clooney? See isn't this fun? How about Christopher Walken versus Lebron James? Sometimes the decision is easy, sometimes not, but for some reason once you start this game, it can be hard to stop. Oooh, who's cooler - Steve Jobs or Chopin? That's a tough one.

The thing is, everyone has their own idea of cool. That's why you're not allowed to argue about WHY one person is cooler than the other. I will say, however, that their are two people who consistently trump everyone else as the kings of cool - who for certain reasons, are almost universally considered cool - Paul Newman and Tom Waits. I said we're not allowed to argue why people are cool, but I'll tell you why I think certain people are generally considered cooler than others. They consistently take risks and face possible failure. And it's not just me who thinks this. I'm talking about cool people, but Gene Pressman and Noah Kerner explored what it takes for some brands to stand out from others in the arena of cool. Our conclusions match, and you can see what I mean by diving into Chasing Cool: Standing Out in Today's Cluttered Marketplace
The inBubbleWrap Team

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Andrew T said...

This is a great book; I have read it and already applied some of the things I've learned from it to my personal and business life. I'd highly recommend anyone and everyone to read it. One of my favorite aspects of the book was the chapter that talks about “growing your pond”, it’s an idea I had never really thought about or heard before. It’s very interesting that Grey Goose has such a premium image, and the majority of young people consider it the #1 in vodka. I enjoyed the story of the blind taste test and how Grey Goose was in fact not the #1, but yet it still sold as if it were….It’s amazing at how good marketing can persuade the buyers.

Kelly said...

"I loved the book. I think what I loved best was the vast range of knowledge and advice the book had to offer for future market-ers. There's no other book out there that offers stories of singers, designers, CEOs, etc. And the face that everyone told their own unique story, but that every different story had a similar (SUCCESSFUL!) outcome was great. It's one of those real "think outside the box" books, but not in a corny way, in a true to life way."