Saturday, April 14, 2007

some thoughts...

Hello friends!
I apologize for the inactivity on this blog. I've had so much business and personal stuff to take care of, it's just been impossible to take the time to update. I'm not through with blogging, so please bear with me for this brief period of time, until I can get back on track.
There's so much going on in my life, it is truly hard to keep up with many things..all of them important.
Please pray, saturate my family with prayer, love on us like Jesus would, and ask Jesus to go before us, stand beside us, dwell inside of us, carry us, lift us up, and take the wheel!!!
When amazing things are happening to further the Kingdom, Satan and his demons try to attack, soo Joe and I and the girls covet your prayers!! Thank you!
Joe's dad is not doing well, and the situation is such a difficult one. He won't go to a hospital or nursing home, no matter how we try to present it to him. We've tried being soft, we've tried being firm, we've tried being logical, we've tried everything we can.. he won't go, but he desperately needs to go. Yesterday, we got a call from a nurse from His doctor's office, who told us a nephew (from Florida)was talking to Glenn on the phone and said Glenn sounded very disoriented, and confused. He was very frightened so he called the Dr.s office to try to get someone to go over there. The nurses office called us. Joe called his dad, and said his dad sounded okay. (you have to know his dad, like we know his dad..other people might not understand him..) So i called the nurse back and told her that Glenn was okay, his son talked to him on the phone. She was very nasty with me and said that somebody better go and check on him and she was recording the info, that she told us that we should go but we didn't. IN other words, she made me feel like we were being negligent! I guess they were trying to cover themselves in case something happened, because of all the sue happy people there are. I understood, but still she made me feel like crap.
So I called Joe again and said, I think we should go over there and check on him just to make sure. So Joe had to call in help to work at the restaurant, and we went to see his dad.
His dad was all alone, lying in a bed, looking like he was about to die at any moment. It was horrible. He was confused and his hands weren't working right, and he couldn't even sit up. I was so scared and felt so bad.
After we started talking to him, he began to feel better and he eventually got up and walked out to the kitchen and ate some dinner. It's like he came back to life... He told us that he got really sick this morning. He wet himself because he couldn't get up. We pleaded with him to let us take him to the hospital to get checked, but he wouldn't go. We told him he needs someone to help take care of him, but he won't leave the house.
But..that's not all....There's even more to it than that..but I can't go into it.
To sum it all up. Joe's dad won't leave the house, but he needs round the clock care. We are trying to get that for him! Joe's dad is cantankerous and stubborn and says inappropriate things,(you can't help but to love him though!!) so we are worried that nobody will put up with him. We have tried to talk to him about that, but he won't give in. His mind is fine..but his body is shutting down. He has emphysema and can't get enough air.
He's also very prideful,so he won't let people help him. His nephew, who lives right up the street, offered to let him stay with him, but he refused. He doesn't want to be a burden on anyone..but it's stressful, and burdensome because he won't accept help!!
ack.. please pray! : ) other news, Lauren got a 4.1 on her report card. Way to go Lauren!!! All A's..two A+'s! She competed in a Lawrence County Trivia competition yesterday, but her team didn't do very well. It was her first time competing, and she didn't prepare like she should have. Lauren is very smart, but doesn't like to work hard.
Ally got all A's and B's Yeah Ally!!
I was very proud of both my girls!!! They are fantastic daughters!!
Ally is going to a new youth group on Wednesdays and Lauren will start this week. Ally has been asking lots of questions about God..she is being drawn in! That tickles my heart! Do you know that feeling? It's incredible!
So much more to talk about.....lots happening....but I have to get ready for work. It's a special event *Garden Party* in Volant today, so we should be busy!!! Woohooo! Tonight we are going to Solid Rock for family fun ball tournement! Anyone who wants to starts at 7:oo pm.
I hope you're having a great weekend. I love you all so much!

Peace out! Susan

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