Wednesday, April 18, 2007

A letter to starbucks from some people who love their coffee!

My brother Alan is a wonderful, intelligent, creative, Godly leader who's been very supportive and encouraging to me these past few years. We both share a deep love for our Savior! He's feeling called to get back into the ministry. He's been with me on this journey of trying to bring a new church to our area, so I invited him to Solid Rock this past Sunday and he felt the same way I did, the minute he walked in the door. After church,we sat down and talked with Pastor Tim Klein for three hours. We only stopped, because I felt like I was going to pass out (I have hypoglycemia)since I hadn't eaten all day. After the meeting with Tim, Al told me that he believes this is where he's meant to be, and he wanted to jump in and start doing something! AWESOME!!!!!
So yesterday, Al sent me a copy of a letter that he's sending to Starbucks to try to get some coffee donated to Solid Rock. I wanted to ask, anybody who is reading this, to please pray over this letter. Al is stepping out and being proactive, to try to make Solid Rock a better place, which will attract more people to come and love God and each other. Starbucks is not just coffee!! I love that! Also...I am so impressed with this letter. Al, you have a gift!! I am blown away by this! Great job bro!!!! You Rock!!!
Check it out...
Dear Starbucks

Please let me introduce my self, My name is Alan Short, I live in a small town in Pennsylvania 10 miles north of New Castle. I’m just your average guy with an above average dream to see God move among his people in the city of New Castle Pennsylvania.

I attend a most incredible church here , Solid Rock Ministries, Pastor Tim Klein. This ministry isn’t your run of the mill or every day church, we don’t have an upscale congregation or even many believers attending but the people of the street, drug dealer who have given up that way of life, drug users and recovering alcoholics, prostitutes, homeless, the down and out, unemployed and impoverished people. I’ve seen men, woman, children and teens seeking a new beginning and new start in life thru Christ.

Please bear with me as I give you a small bit of local history of New Castle.

New Castle was once a bustling, thriving economic boom town in the 40's. It was the steel industry specializing in Tin that brought acclaim to the city. New Castle at one time was considered one of the richest cities in America. It all came tumbling down on the whim of one man that vowed to collapse the industry here and bring this town to it’s knees, Andrew Carnegie. He kept his word and did as he said.

Today New Castle struggles to maintain some sort of stability and put it’s storied past behind. Today New Castle is a shell of it’s former self, looking to the future to become a viable economic center again. Like a worn out boxer who took too many blows to the head the city has struggles to adjust to change. One thing standing strong is that the people didn’t crumble when the city did and remain today strong and vibrant, willing to tackle the future.

This town may not warrant having a Starbucks coffee house here due to it’s poor marketability and lack luster demographics but the people here are still some of the finest that can be found anywhere.

Solid Rock Ministries moves by faith, every month the bills come in and God provides. Pastor Tim works hard as a full time painter 50 - 60 hrs a week but still puts his time in every day, night and weekend to fulfill his vision for the people of New Castle.

The Solid Rock coffee house open on Saturday evenings and the 5th quarter program for the teens provides a place for people to come and forget about their lot in this life and be apart of something bigger than all of us. The coffee house provides a warm cup of coffee and food to those who want to sit back and just be loved by God.

The coffee house is set up to let people come in and not worry about anything or any one around them. They can enjoy a small part of humanity before heading out to the streets again to tough out some sort of life for them and their families. We use the time while having a coffee or food to minister to them.

The 5th quarter is a program to bring the youth of the community together after the local football games in the fall. It’s a safe and inviting environment providing them with cold drinks, coffee and food. We see 200 or more come and take advantage of the facility and what we have to offer.

We also draw the people in on the weekends to play some games and be ministered to while using the coffee house atmosphere.

I know that you are bombarded everyday with so many requests from groups and organizations to donate to them. I not asking for money but for your helping hand to give back to a community of people that have endured so much and continue to stay faithful to the area they grew up in, live in, work in, struggle in and die in. I have a vision to give the people who come in off the street an opportunity to partake in some of the finest things our society has to offer and what better and most simple of the pleasures than a cup of hot comfortable, aromatic slice of life, a Star bucks coffee. I know that most all people have heard of the coffee giant but so many haven’t been able to afford or even get to a Star buck to have one. With a population of 37,000 people, New Castle is the only place of it’s size with no Star bucks. I believe that serving a cup of Star bucks coffee to the people who come would be giving them a piece of the proverbial decadent pie.

Today I appeal to your gracious heart and ask for your help to partner with us in this small way to bring humanity back to the struggling people of New Castle.

We use 4 - 5 lbs of coffee a weekend, buying what we can or what’s on sale to serve the people who come.

I believe that " If you never take the shot you’ll miss the mark every time" well I’m taking the shot.

In some small way a good cup of coffee reminds us of days gone by, being home with the family, better times, friends and days of prosperity . Please consider being our partner and help us achieve our dream of reaching the people of New Castle thru such a simple way of giving a cup of coffee to someone who can’t do for themselves. Every hand that lends itself to another for help creates an unbreakable chain of devotion and friendship. If you find it in your heart to partner with us please contact me at Or

Solid rock Ministries 303 Pearson street New Castle, PA. 16101

Sorry, our web page is under construction currently.

We would be proud to display the star bucks logo and tell all that you chose to partner with us in this epic struggle to reach the lost for Christ.....

Thank you

In Christ’s Name

Alan Short and

Solid Rock Ministries

Isn't that amazing? I am so proud of my brother!!


Anonymous said...

I hope this works out for you but I wonder if The Itallian Villiage might be problem. God can do mighty things.

Susan said...

Does the Italian Village still serve Starbucks! That's a great point..I'll have to check!