Saturday, April 21, 2007

The day they took God out of the schools.

Wow! This is TRUTH!! So Powerful!! It makes me feel so ashamed. I want to change this! Don't you? We can!! Joe and I have been talking about this alot lately. He says, "Sue, you can't change can't change the world!" I said and I say Yes you can! You start off by changing YOUR heart and you talk to your friends and family and you try to change their hearts, and then we are going to try to change our starts with making them aware of the problem. This video is a great way to get people thinking. You see, when we have a tragedy like what happened with NYC on 9-11, or at Columbine High School, or the Amish community in PA, or Virginia Tech, people rise up, but then they go on with their lives and forget about it. I believe people want to change the world, but they don't know how! They need leaders! We can't change the way America has become all at once, but we can make changes in our own houses, and then carry that to your churches, and don't keep it in your churches..take it to the communities!! People..we've got to change!! Please, if you're reading this, pray! Pray for God to use you to help change the world!
Joe and I have combined our vision with the vision with the people at Solid Rock Church, led by Tim Klein. We are going to make a change in our community! We are going to help people to change their lives. We are going to take back our community!! We are going to stop all this madness!! God is the head of our Army, and we are His soldiers, and we're ready to wage war! It's a spiritual warfare going on here. Are you a soldier? Are you willing to fight for God? What are you doing for God? What are you doing to stop the things that this video points out, from happening? I'm going to copy this video in my email, and send it out to everyone I know. I'm going to ask them to join me in prayer, for our community, for our nation! Please join me. Please email me if you want to do something! Please Pray for our community, our nation, and for God's army that is forming! Susan

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