Monday, April 02, 2007

Grape stomping goof-up

Watch this video til the end... poor thing..


Joe Hougelman said...

what's really cool, is if you let her fall, and then click on the little moving bar and reverse it just a little bit, and you can watch her fall over and over again, and hear O O O EWWW O O O O EWWWW. Maybe she'll place her bucket in the sand next time instead of 4 feet up in the air.... great, now i have her cries stuck in my head.. serves me right..

Joe Hougelman said...

o o oo o oo O STOP O O O O

watched it somemore, with the rapid repeat of the fall again..

First I thought of Arnold Horshack from Welcome back Kotter O O O OO O

then i also noticed and realized she needed to be up in the air to collect the juice below...
BUT also that she CHEATED.. she said stop, and then tried getting in some illegal last minute speed stomps after the bell, and that is when she wiped out... maybe serves her right.. O O O O OWL OWL O OO O OWL>>>>>>>>>>

Susan said...

You make me laugh so hard, I'm ___________________! (Fill in the blank) : )