Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Are you organized?

Life is so much easier when you are organized! Unfortunately, I'm not.
Lauren and Ally both had to have perscriptions filled at the pharmacy yesterday. I went to pick them up, and the pharmacists notified me, that their birthdays are both wrong, on their insurance information forms. Instead of being 1991, & 1993, the insurance company has them listed as being born in 2001 & 2003. So today, I had to call the insurance companies and get this taken care of.
I know this is a part of life,handling these kinds of situations, but this bothers me!! It is such a waste of time. So, this morning I called the insurance company. You know how many buttons you have to push and how many options you have to listen to, before you can actually speak to someone? Lots!
I finally got a hold of a live person. She looked up their applications online and guess what? She said, I wrote their birthdays as 2001, 2003. Okay..stop right there! What mother would get their childs birthdates wrong by 10 years???
I said, ma'am. I would not write their birthdates in an entire different decade! Are you sure it's not written as 91 & 93 but just looks like 01,& 03.
This ticked her off. "I can't do anything about this!" "You are going to have to send me a copy of their birth certificates to prove that they were born in 91 & 93."
You've got to be kidding!
She wouldn't budge.
Now here's where my lack of organizational skills comes into play.
Do you think I know where the girls birth certificates are? Now I know..most of you reading this..you know exactly where yours are! Kept in some nice envelope in a nice and neat organized file!
But that's not me. I have no idea where they are. I have to look through boxes and boxes of stuff before I'm going to be able to find them.
*sigh* That wastes A LOT of time! I hate wasting time doing. *sigh*
Then I have to find a fax..and fax them *sigh again*
That wasn't all I had to do today..
I had to call my insurance company because they denied a claim that they shouldn't have. (This is the third time I've called about this claim)
And also, I was charged 200 dollars for a 15 minute Q & A pyschiatric evaluation for my upcoming bariatric surgery, so I have to call and take care of that!
Must change hair appts scheduled for Thursday..(I have to work)
Got to get the rest of my Easter shopping done..
Think about what we need to take to Maryland..
Finish Laundry.
Put laundry away.
Have a nice day. I've got work to do! : )

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