Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Whenever you get close to doing something really great for God...you know..you JUST KNOW..Satan is right around the corner ready to pounce! We've been under attack this week..big time! BUT GUESS WHAT???? GOD is SOOOOOOOO GOOD!!!! God is Good in good times and bad times! When the sun is shining or when a hurricane is knockin' God is ALWAYS GOOD!!! Jesus CHrist you are the ruler of my life, and I have layed it down for you. You never promised us that life would be easy but you did promise us that You'd be there with us! I love you Lord so very much! I praise your name ..I shout it from this little ole' blog..all over the internet! I love you LORD! I love you Lord! I love you Lord!

This next note is written to my enemies as well as my friends..because I love Jesus

I love you too : )

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