Sunday, November 09, 2008

My Lauren Elizabeth

My Lauren Elizabeth is 15 years old.
She is my baby.
She will ALWAYS be my baby.
She has promised to never get to old to hug and kiss me and give me lots of love and affection! (So far she's kept her word!)
Lauren is very smart!
Lauren is very beautifuL!
Lauren is an AMAZING artist!
Lauren is very creative.
Lauren is very unselfish.
Things are not important to her.
She likes to laugh.
She LOVES the show House and likes C.S.I too.
She makes animations as well as drawings.
She is a GOOD girl!
She has a heart that loves the Lord.
She is not a leader, nor a follower. She dances to the beat of her own drum and truly doesn't seem to care if people get her or not. She is who she is!
I love that about her. She has her own sense of style and although it's different from mine, I've always respected her for that. I love that she feels comfortable in her own skin. That's a great way to describe Lauren. She feels comfortable in her own skin.
Lauren is confidant!
She get's a +'s on her speeches she gives! A+'s!!!!!! WOAH!
She is giving a 15 minute speech this week and isn't sweating whatsover over it!?!?!
That's Amazing to me!
She is Amazing!
She's my baby.
She's My Lauren Elizabeth.
I love you darling! I am so proud of you!

This is her heart. It's who she is.

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